Choosing Your Flooring

Any person who’s building a new house in Phoenix Tile Cleaning & Sealing, or remodeling their current home, knows that choosing the right kind of flooring is one of the main concerns. There are plenty of options out there and they sure can have you confused. However, the truth only points in one direction and that is – Porcelain.

Yes! Though it sounds unlikely, porcelain flooring is one of the best options there is. There are several benefits of using porcelain flooring. Porcelain tiles can last very long, are easy to restore and definitely lend a look of sophistication to your house.

The Benefits of Porcelain Flooring

porcelain tile

  • Porcelain in Phoenix Tile Cleaning & Sealing is manufactured using a ‘through-body’ method, which means that the color is retained throughout the tile’s thickness. So, if your porcelain floor gets damaged, you will not notice any change in color. The chipped or damaged area can easily be replaced.
  • Porcelain is not slippery as thought to be. In fact, it has the same level of grip which is found on a wet concrete floor. It one of the reasons why several buildings in Phoenix Tile Cleaning & Sealing use porcelain flooring for their external entrance.
  • Porcelain tiles sold in Phoenix Tile Cleaning & Sealing have plenty of options. You can choose any color or pattern you like, depending on your budget. Porcelain can also be designed to replicate the appearance of other floor types such as travertine, limestone, marble, wood, and so on. They are also available in multiple sizes, allowing you to play around with the layout.
  • Porcelain tiles have an absorption level of 0.05%, which means spilling water or liquids will not be a problem. Porcelain cleaning also becomes easy owing to this feature.
  • Porcelain tiles are very strong. That’s why, many buildings in Phoenix Tile Cleaning & Sealing that see high traffic, tend to install porcelain flooring.

Porcelain Tile Maintenance in Phoenix Tile Cleaning & Sealing

Porcelain tile maintenance is actually quite simple and it involves 3 steps, which are Cleaning, Polishing and Sealing.

A good porcelain maintenance service handles porcelain cleaning, porcelain polishing, and porcelain sealing. Porcelain cleaning removes all the dirt, stains, and grime, while porcelain polishing helps restore the porcelain back to its old glory. After which, the service will perform porcelain sealing, where a sealant is used to prevent the pores in the porcelain from absorbing any stains or dirt, ensuring that your porcelain flooring sparkles for years to come.

If you’re located in Phoenix Tile Cleaning & Sealing, you can give us a call and we’ll take care of your porcelain tile maintenance for you!