4 Foolproof Methods for Keeping Your Grout Intact

Tile and grout require attention and regular maintenance in order to remain looking clean and fresh. This does not mean simply cleaning and caring for the tile; rather, the grout needs to be shown special attention as well. Not only will this Paradise tile and grout cleaning regimen keep the grout free from stains and discoloration, but it will also ensure your grout avoids any mold, mildew, or bacteria buildup from moisture absorption.

Because grout is such a highly porous material, it can easily begin to soak up anything that happens to be spilled on it. This includes water, oil, grease, mud, and more. Once your grout soaks in moisture, it begins to breakdown from the inside out and encourages the growth of mildew. How can this be avoided? Here are four foolproof ways to keep your grout intact, straight from the experts.

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Use the Appropriate Cleaners

One of the most effective ways to ruin grout is by using the wrong cleaning solution. It can be difficult to know what is both effective and affordable since there are so many recommendations floating around. Some recommend vinegar and lemon, or other acidic solutions, but experts say this should actually be completely avoided. Any acidic chemicals will break down the seal and weaken the structure of the grout, causing it to break apart and crumble. Etching and other permanent damage can be caused to the surrounding tile by these acids as well.

So what should be used instead? The expert Queen Creek natural stone cleaners at Arizona Stone Care advise using a pH balanced cleaner that is both tough on the dirt and gentle on the grout. There are many natural stone cleaning solutions designed specifically to restore the natural color of your grout while ensuring its structural integrity is maintained and fortified. These solutions are typically biodegradable and non-toxic, so it is completely safe to use around your family and pets. Visit with your local tile experts to discuss which cleaning solutions are appropriate for your tile and grout.

Refresh the Seal

The #1 cause of failing grout is a broken seal. Just like your natural stone, grout must be sealed with a high-quality product to ensure it remains intact. Sealant will also give the grout surface a durable, protective coating to prevent any moisture absorption and subsequently, mildew growth. Stain prevention and easy clean-up are additional benefits of having a sealant on your grout. If moisture gets absorbed, both the grout and tile adhesive will begin to break down, causing extensive damage.

While your Queen Creek travertine cleaning and sealing team will apply a layer of sealant immediately upon installation, experts typically recommend resealing your grout and tile approximately every 6-12 months. General rule of thumb says the more traffic the area gets, the more often it should be resealed. If you are unsure about how often to reseal the grout, consult with a reputable tile and grout restoration company for professional advice.

Clean Up Spills Immediately

An exceptionally simple way to keep your grout intact is to always wipe up any spills immediately. Leaving any standing water on your grout is a surefire way to cause breakdown and bacteria growth, ultimately compromising the integrity of your tile surface. Grease from cooking has the same effect, and once it has set into the grout, it becomes extremely difficult to clear out. Soap scum will also cause unsightly stains and discoloration.

Keeping any water droplets wiped off can be challenging when the tile surface is a shower. In this case, experts recommend giving the tile surface a thorough wiping with a squeegee or microfiber cloth after showering to prevent any standing water from accumulating. Additionally, using proper ventilation such as a bathroom fan or open window after showering helps evaporate water droplets, thus lowering the risk of moisture absorption and mildew growth.

Hire a Professional to Deal with the Tough Stains

Lastly, if a stain has set into your grout, it is wise to call a professional Paradise natural stone restoration company right away. They will have all the appropriate tools, knowledge, and resources available to lift the stain and deep clean your grout while maintaining its structure and integrity.

While there are a few stain removing solutions on the market that are tough on stains and gentle on grout, it is typically recommended to hire a trained professional with all the right tools and resources for gently deep cleaning your grout and tile.

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By wiping up spills immediately, using appropriate cleaners, and regularly resealing your grout, you will be able to keep your grout intact and looking fresh for many years. If staining does occur and a thorough deep clean is needed, the experts at Arizona Stone Care are ready to help. With extensive knowledge about cleaning, polishing, sealing, restoring, and repairing stone floors of all types, our professional cleaners are innovative and attentive to detail throughout the entire process. When we are finished, your floors will look better than ever before! To learn more about our services, contact us today at (480) 232-6264.

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