Common Tile Cleaning Products You Should Always Avoid

The Following Cleaning Products Could Harm Your Tiles & Grout

Tile has recently become a perfect replacement for the dirt-trapping carpets of the past. Many people are leaving dusty carpets behind and replacing them with hard surface floors. However, did you know that even tile can hold grime for many years if you don’t clean it properly?

Many cleaning products in the market claim to remove “dust and dirt immediately”, even in your tile flooring, but they may be doing more harm than good. Therefore, we recommend you read the list below to avoid cleaning your tile with these products and reconsider changing to natural stone cleaning in Phoenix

The Following Cleaning Products Could Harm Your Tiles & Grout In Phoenix, AZ

Harsh & Abrasive Cleaners

Cleaners with an abrasive or gritty texture will damage your tile for sure. Keep in mind that many tiles and grouts come with a sealant on the surface to avoid dust and dirt from penetrating the tile pores.

When you use abrasive cleaners, you scratch this sealant that works as a protective coating, and your tile loses its barrier to keep dirt out of pores. The result? Your tile will catch dirt easier and will look opaque over time.

Cleaners With Bleach Or Ammonia

You would be surprised with the number of grout cleaners that are bleach or ammonia-based. These products are marketed as the best solution to get rid of the toughest of stains, but that’s far from true.

These items can discolor the tile’s surface, and with prolonged use, you could end up damaging the shiny finish of the tile. Besides, these chemicals are very dangerous to your skin and lungs, making them a hazardous risk more than a perfect cleaning solution.

Any Oil-Based Cleaner For Tiles

Many popular soaps have an oily base to give your tile flooring a glowy finish, but they are not the best option for cleaning tile. Using natural stone cleaners in Phoenix is better because they avoid leaving a slippery and sticky surface on your tile.

Oil-based cleansers have ingredients that soak into your grout, attracting dust and other dirt particles that leave ugly stains. Also, due to their oily formula, they can make your flooring slippery, increasing the chances of falling while walking. This is extremely dangerous not only for you but for other family members, especially children.

Colored Cleaners

You should also be careful with cleaners that contain dyes. Many natural stone tiles can absorb the color of these products, leaving an unexpected rainbow-hued stain, and therefore, changing the original color. This damage can be very difficult to reverse, so make sure of using cleaners without dyes.

How Can I Know Which Cleaning Products Are Appropriate For Tiles & Grout?

Many people use chemicals to clean tiles, but they usually don’t know what the tile is made of and how it should be cleaned. If you bought the stone or tile, you can contact the retailer to know this information and use the best product for cleaning.

If you didn’t buy the stone or tile, you can always contact Phoenix natural stone cleaning services to get help. Always make sure that the service is based on natural stone cleaning as it does not use harsh chemicals on your tile flooring.

What Should I Do To Take Care Of My Tile Flooring?

The most effective way of cleaning your tile and grout is to use an impregnating tile sealer. This product will block out dirt, grime, mold, etc. You can use eco-friendly cleaning solutions, or you can make your own.

By mixing vinegar with mild hand washing soap and warm water you are already creating a safe cleaning solution. However, this can be tricky because you should not use any kind of soap, and you should be very careful with the mop and even the water you use to clean the tile flooring.

Contact Phoenix Natural Stone Cleaning Services To Prevent Dirt & Grime

The safest thing you can do to prevent dirt and grime from building up in your tile flooring is to contact a professional tile and grout cleaning service like Arizona Stone Care. We offer many services like stone, tile, and grout cleaning, stone surface and tile polishing, natural stone restoration, among others. Contact Arizona Stone Care to get a free quote and give your tile and grout the care they deserve.


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