Keeping Your Granite Countertops Polished For Long Lasting Beauty

How Professional Stone Cleaning & Polishing Can Help Restore The Shine Of Granite

Granite is one of the most widely used materials in home construction and business offices, most frequently in the countertops of kitchens and bathrooms. It’s popular in part because it is so versatile and also because it is available in so many different colors and styles. Granite is stronger and requires much less maintenance than marble. When properly maintained and cared for, granite surfaces can provide beauty in your home for a lifetime.

One of the best ways to make sure your granite countertops continue to serve you and your family is by hiring a Phoenix natural stone cleaning company to perform routine maintenance and care. This may include granite polishing, cleaning, sealing, restoration services, and more. A quality natural stone cleaning company will work with you as a homeowner or as a business owner to meet the needs of your granite surfaces so they continue to look new and beautiful.

How Professional Polishing & Restoration Can Help Restoring The Shine Of Granite In Phoenix, AZ.

What About DIY Granite Polishing?

Home improvement stores carry DIY kits for buffing and polishing granite countertops, but unfortunately the results are marginal or short lived. These kits contain topical compounds and sprays that promise amazing results, but they don’t work for long because they are merely topical and don’t affect the actual stone in your granite countertop. To get the job done right, you need a Saltillo natural stone restoration professional who will use resin bond diamond polishing pads and professional polishing agents. There’s nothing you can apply to the top of your granite countertop’s sealant that will give the same result as a professional refinish – in fact, there should be no topical residue at all on your natural stone surface.

How Does Granite Resurfacing & Polishing Work?

Granite resurfacing, which is also known as polishing or refinishing, is the process by which a granite surface is restored to its original beauty. While granite is popular for kitchen and bathrooms because it is a very hard stone that is incredibly durable and resistant to scratches and damage, the natural resilience of each individual stone will vary slightly. There are two ways that granite countertops begin to lose their original luster. Most commonly, the stone will “wear” by developing scratches from knives, pots, and pans. A second way that granite will begin to look worn is from hard water damage in and around sinks. Both types of damage can be remedied with granite refinishing from a professional Chandler tile and grout cleaning service.

How Does Granite Polishing Work?

There are three basic steps to a granite refinishing job from a professional. First, the damaged areas will be resurfaced with resin bond diamond pads. This takes skill and time. The damaged area will be repaired with extremely fine cuts. Usually, a professional will begin by wet sanding the area with a 400 or 800 grit resin bond diamond pad. Then, they will work up to incredibly fine grit pads that can be as small as 3400 grit to get a perfect and smooth finish.

The second step of the granite polishing process is the use of a professional abrasive compound. Your natural stone expert will carefully polish the entire countertop with a specially blended formula of polishing agents and abrasives that are intended for serpentine and granite surfaces. Specialized tools such as a hog’s hair pad will be used so that application is done just right.

The third and final step of Phoenix natural stone restoration involves the application of an impregnating sealant to make sure the stone is completely sealed and protected. Since all stones are porous to some degree, a sealant will protect it from absorbing liquids or stains. Its name is a reference to how it makes your granite countertops impregnable. Homeowners may not realize that the extremely fine polishing process itself will actually seal the stone naturally. But in order to provide a second layer of coverage and be completely sure, an impregnating sealer is applied until the stone is saturated. Once the excess sealer has been removed from the granite countertop, the job is finished and your countertops will be left looking beautiful and brand new!

Expert Granite Countertop Polishing Service In Phoenix

When you work with Arizona Stone Care for all of your natural stone needs, you can feel confident you are working with the only best experts in the field who will carefully and skillfully get your granite surfaces back to their original beauty. We offer a full range of natural stone care, cleaning, and restorative services. As a locally owned company, we continue to set the standard for excellence and customer service. Contact us for a free quote on your granite countertop polishing needs!


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