Natural Stone Maintenance Catastrophes That Could Ruin Your Floors

Natural stone floors are an absolutely beautiful addition to any home. It is highly versatile and can be used in a variety of ways, including countertops, floors, showers, pool areas, and more. Simple to maintain, resilient, and durable for everyday wear and tear, it is easy to see why natural stone such as granite or travertine is so popular. However, there are a few important aspects to remember when performing natural stone cleaning in Queen Creek, or during daily maintenance of your stone surfaces.

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A common mistake homeowners make with their stone floors is not cleaning frequently enough. Without regular sweeping and mopping, dirt and debris will get ground into the stone surface from foot traffic and cause damage from the inside out. Sweeping should be done at least every other day in high traffic areas, and mopping should happen 1-2 times a week. Most Queen Creek tile and grout cleaning services will encourage setting up a consistent cleaning schedule to help extend the longevity of your stone surface.


If the wrong cleaning solutions are used on your natural stone surface, you run the risk of breaking down the sealant that protects the stone. This increases the likelihood of scratches, etching, staining, or even mold growth occurring. Most common household cleaners actually dull the surface and weaken the sealant, which will eventually compromise its integrity. This leads us to the next common mistake:


Despite the increasing popularity of vinegar as a cleaning solution, it is highly recommended by professional Phoenix natural stone cleaners to completely avoid using vinegar on your natural stone. Due to its high acidity, it will cause the sealant to break down and allow dirt or debris to be absorbed into the pores of the stone surface. The acidity can also cause a chemical reaction to make a deep stain, called etching. When cleaning your natural stone surface, always use a pH-neutral solution only. If you are uncertain about which products are acceptable, contact Arizona Stone Care, your local natural stone experts.


Maintaining the integrity of the sealant on your tile and grout is critical to protecting your natural stone surface. Keep in mind that some types of stone need sealing more often than others. Sandstone is highly porous and needs to be sealed quite frequently, while marble is less porous and able to withstand beatings for a longer amount of time. When you install natural stone in your home, be certain to research the maintenance requirements for the type of stone you choose.


Remember that if you desire a unified and consistent look to your natural stone floor, have it all installed at the same time. While there is natural variance between each tile, each batch will have a slightly different finish and grain, which will be quite noticeable once all the tiles are laid out on the floor. Even if you do not plan to install all the stone right away, your best option would be to purchase the whole amount you need and store it until needed.

Arizona Stone Care is a local, reputable company providing natural stone restoration services in Queen Creek, along with installation, repair, and cleaning services. Our team is highly reliable and committed to high quality work. We also provide free quotes, and will always do exceptional work with your stone. For help dealing with a natural stone catastrophe in your home or business, call us today at 480-232-6264.


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