Does Restoring Your Tile Add Value to Your Home?

Tile floors add value to your home. All kinds of tile create a beautiful look for your floors, and tile is easier to maintain than other flooring types, such as wood or laminate. Tile is also more durable, so it won’t scratch or stain as easily. Those are valuable benefits in Arizona, where sand and gravel are ubiquitous and are always getting tracked in on shoes.

Does restoring your tile add value to your home?

When your tile starts to look dull or discolored, professional tile and grout cleaning in Mesa can lift off stains and ground-in dirt to make your floors look like new again. If the problem is more extensive, you may need Mesa tile restoration and cleaning. Other times, just grout cleaning will refresh the floors and make them look great again. A trusted tile floor cleaning company can tell you what will get the best results.

Besides just making your floors look nice so that you can enjoy the space more, tile restoration and cleaning can also add value to your home. You might consider investing in it if you are trying to sell your home or if you are about to get your home re-appraised for a line of credit.

Here’s how tile and grout cleaning in Mesa or restoration can improve the value of your home:

Improves Curb Appeal

Saltillo Floor OK, so no one is going to see your tile floors from the curb. But the same principle applies here. When someone opens the door and steps inside your home, they are going to form an immediate impression of the quality of your home. If you have dirty or cracked floors, their impression of the value of your home is going to plummet immediately.

Unfortunately, first impressions can be hard to change. And impression plays a big role in value. If you improve the look of your floors, you will improve the impression that people have of your home, and you will improve its value.

Makes the Space More Sanitary

Grout and tile are both porous. Different tile materials are more or less porous, and you can add a layer of protection by sealing the tile. The grout is always more porous, and you can seal it also, but even sealing won’t keep things out of those tiny nooks and crannies. Bacteria, mold, and mildew can all grow in the tile and grout, and that can spread to surrounding areas.

Professional tile and grout cleaning near Mesa will sanitize your floors and protect your home from damage. It will also save you the expense of dealing with a larger mold and mildew problem.

Extends the Life Span of the Floors

Poorly maintained tile floors will have a much shorter lifespan than they should. Quality tile that is well-maintained will last for many decades, if not a lifetime. Failing to regularly clean and then periodically deep clean your tile can cause it to fail prematurely. Ditto for the grout. Make sure you are getting Mesa professional tile and grout cleaning at least once a year. Your tile will last longer, which will save you money and improve the value of your home by keeping the “vintage” tile.

Protects the Subfloor

The plywood and other materials under your tile make up the subfloor, which provides a foundation for your flooring. If it is damaged, your house will lose value. By maintaining your tile floors and protecting the subfloor, you protect your home’s value.

Tile cleaning near Mesa and restoration Tile cleaning near Mesa and restoration may seem like a cosmetic concern, but it can actually protect the health and integrity of your home. Seeing to this important work can even improve the value of your home. So take a look at your tile floors and decide if they need a little attention, and then call a tile floor cleaning company near Mesa to get the best results.

Arizona Stone Care specializes in tile restoration and cleaning for all types of popular stone, including travertine, marble, stone, and flagstone. We can lift out years of dirt from ceramic and porcelain tile. We can make grout look brand new. Don’t give your tile floors up for lost. Call us in Arizona to get an estimate for tile and grout cleaning. You’ll be amazed at the results we can get!

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