Savings! Seven Surfaces You Can Restore to Save Money

Replacing granite countertops, tile floors, or a brick fireplace surround is not cheap. But you might feel like it is your only option if you are looking at chips, stains, cracks, and other blemishes.

Savings! Seven Surfaces You Can Restore to Save Money - AZ Stone Care

Fortunately, you can restore many of the surfaces in your home or business for a fraction of the cost. Here’s a look at seven of the surfaces you may have in your home or business that can be restored:


Tile is a sturdy surface, but it can still be damaged with scratches and chips. Tile can be cracked, and it can come loose. More commonly, tile can be stained, and the grout between it can become stained and break down. The grout can also become a breeding ground for bacteria and mildew.

professional tile floor cleaning company near Mesa A professional tile floor cleaning company near Mesa can get amazing results. A good tile and grout cleaning can lift away more dirt than you might expect, and the colors of the tile will be restored. If the damage is more extensive, you might need a combo tile restoration and cleaning near Mesa, which can refresh the grout and the color on the tile. More extensive restoration can involve filling gouges or replacing loose or broken tile.


Hardwood floors are beautiful, but they can be high maintenance. They are easy to scratch, and the stain and sealant starts to fade or wear down a lot sooner than you would expect. It doesn’t take long before a few scratches start to look like small potatoes compared to the patchwork of damage and discoloration across the floors.

Hardwood floors can be restored by sanding them down, re-staining them, and re-sealing them. The process is extensive, but it is preferable if you have expensive or vintage hardwoods.


Granite is a popular choice for countertops because it is beautiful and durable. However, it can be easily damaged through normal kitchen activity. Chopping veggies, putting pots down on the counter a little too hard, washing dishes – they can all cause small chips and scratches in the granite. Granite is a popular choice for countertops

Fortunately, granite can be easily restored with special materials that fill in these small scratches and chips. If the granite has become stained or discolored, it can even be painted. If it becomes dull, it can be coated.


Corian is a bit sturdier than granite for countertops, and it provides a seamless surface for easier maintenance. However, it can be damaged just like any other surface, including being stained, scratched, and chipped.

Just like granite, Corian can be restored by having deep scratched and gouges filled with special materials. Unlike granite, the scratches on Corian can easily be repaired through a buffing process. The right professionals can make Corian look like new with the right tools and techniques.


Brick has a rustic look that many people love, and it can be used on everything from fireplaces to patios to whole walls. Over time, it can become marred by drips or sprays of paint from nearby renovations. It can be chipped. And it can be stained or discolored, as can the mortar between it.

Professionals can restore brick with pressure washing, re-pointing of the mortar, and other techniques. You can also opt to have the look of the brick changed by painting it or mortar washing it.


Concrete is typically relegated to garage floors and patios, but it can also make for a beautiful interior floor. If it is not properly prepared, concrete can be easily stained. Restoring it involves removing those stains and then adding an epoxy coating that will protect it and give it a beautiful polish. In some cases, a dye can be applied with the coating that will cover up discoloration.


Marble is a gorgeous stone, and it can be used for everything from floors to counter tops to make your home or business seem more luxurious and sophisticated. Unfortunately, it can be easily damaged in all the usual ways – scratching, staining, chipping. Instead of spending a lot of money to replace it, you can hire a company to restore it by cleaning it and repairing those small imperfections.

Don’t feel like all is lost if your floors, countertops, or other surfaces are looking a little worse for wear. Find out if you can restore those surfaces instead, saving yourself a little money and maintaining the look that you love.

Arizona Stone Care can restore your stone surfaces to bring back their natural beauty. We specialize in Mesa tile restoration and cleaning (including grout cleaning), marble restoration, and stone polishing. We work with popular types of tile, including ceramic, porcelain, travertine, flagstone, limestone, slate, and marble. Call us in Arizona today to learn more about the services we offer or to get an estimate for your restoration or cleaning job.

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