Shower Tile Sealing and Why You Should Do It

You need your shower to be a clean and welcoming place. No one wants to get into a filthy shower at the end of a long day, and no one wants to start out their day bathing in a space that looks more fit for a utility shed. Keeping your tile and your grout clean can go a long way toward preserving that space as an oasis for your daily cleaning and de-stressing.

Sealing your grout is one of the most important things you can do to keep your shower healthy and looking good. Here are just a few reasons why shower tile sealing is so important:

Shower head

Keeps out Mold

Fighting mold is a constant battle in a tub or shower. The moist and warm conditions are ideal for the growth of mold and mildew. Even when you clean regularly, mold can still form. When mold gets on your grout, it can be very hard to remove, and the scrubbing and cleaners you expose it to can do even more damage.

Sealing your grout can keep the mold from setting in. Mold might form on the surface, but it can be easily wiped away. You’ll have a naturally cleaner shower, and you won’t have to clean as hard when mold does form.

Prevents Stains

Think of sealing your grout like adding a barrier to it. You are giving it an extra layer of protection against soap scum, dirt, and bacteria that is present when you shower. Sealing your grout will keep most of those things away, thereby preventing staining.

Stained grout is easily one of the biggest factors in making your shower look dirty and old. You can hire a professional for tile and grout cleaning in Phoenix if things get bad, but even the professionals can’t work miracles. Properly sealing your grout can help keep those stains out so your shower stays looking fresh for longer.

Makes It Easier to Clean

Grout sealing doesn’t just keep out the big nasties like mold and mildew – it protects against all kinds of dirt and debris. The sealant rests on top of the grout, creating a smooth layer between it and the rest of the world. The dirt rests on the sealant, where it is much easier to wipe away.

If the dirt gets into the grout, it can settle into the pores, which you can’t reach even with the most vigorous scrubbing. The only way to get at that dirt is to damage the grout with harsh cleansers or with inappropriate scrubbing.

Extends its Lifespan

Grout is intended to protect the tile and the subfloor. However, it is relatively fragile. So long as it is sealed, it stays where it needs to and does its job. If it is not sealed, the grout will slowly erode with constant exposure to water, scrubbing from cleaning, and the simple passage of time.

Sealing your grout extends its life – which also extends the life of the tile and the surrounding materials. The longer your grout lasts, the fewer repairs you have to make and the more money you save. You’ll also spend less on replacement since you won’t have to do it as often.

Your shower tile should be sealed as soon as it is installed. If it wasn’t – or if you moved into a home and aren’t sure when the shower tile was sealed last – you should do it now. Then you should maintain a schedule of sealing it again once every year or so. Engage in regular tile and grout cleaning to protect your shower, and call in the professionals for a deeper cleaning as necessary. You’ll have a sparkling clean and beautiful shower, and your tile will last you for many years to come.

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