Tile & Grout Cleaning Tricks To Boost The Life Of Your Grout

4 Ways To Clean & Maintain Your Tile & Grout Floors

To keep your natural stone floors and surfaces looking their best, tile and grout need regular maintenance. While ceramic and porcelain tiles are incredibly resistant to damage, grout and natural stone tiles do not have the same durability. They are absorbent, which can lead to staining or discoloration over time. Like concrete, grout has pores that will absorb moisture, dirt, and grime. Here are some tips from Phoenix natural stone cleaners that will boost the life of your grout or natural stone tiles.

Some Tile & Grout Cleaning Tricks To Boost The Life Of Your Grout In Phoenix, AZ

Professional Floor Cleaning With High Heat & Pressure

One of the most effective ways to promote long life of your grout is by getting routine professional cleanings. A quality natural stone and grout cleaner will use a state of the art high heat and high pressure system. Not only does this pressure wash the entire surface of your grout and tile, but the high heat will sanitize your surface as well for the ultimate clean. After the cleaning, all of the water and chemical is extracted so that your grout looks sparkling clean and is free from the risk of mold growth.

Generally, it’s recommended to have your tiles and grout professionally cleaned every 12-18 months. Depending on how high much traffic the tiled area of your home gets, you may choose to have it professionally cleaned more frequently. Professional Gilbert tile and grout cleaning is also an excellent option if you have staining or discoloration that you cannot remove yourself.

Get Your Grout Sealed

Sealant is almost universally recommended as a barrier for natural stone tiles and grout to help block staining or discoloration. A good sealant will also keep your grout looking fresh for longer because it absorbs into the grout and clogs its pores, preventing water and other substances from penetrating in. This keeps your grout looking clean and reduces the risk of absorbing foods or spills that may cause staining. Ask your tile installer or Saltillo natural stone restoration crew for a sealant brand recommendation for the type of tiles that are installed in your home.

Since sealant will eventually wear down and dissolve, you’ll need to get it re-applied every few years, depending on what type of tile you have. One of the advantages of professional cleanings is that your tile cleaner can tell you right away when your sealant is starting to wear away before any damage happens.

Clean Up Spills Immediately

This may seem obvious, but it’s important to wipe up spills right away when they happen. Although a sealant will help block the substance from seeping into your grout or tile, you don’t want to leave liquids just sitting on the floor. This is especially true when the spill is acidic, such as tomato sauce, fruit juice, or vinegar, because the acids will can quickly start to break down the sealant. The best way to prevent staining and discoloration on your natural stone tiles or grout is to wipe up spills quickly and then follow up with a damp towel to make sure no residue has been left behind. If you cannot get it all cleaned or you end up with stains that you cannot remove yourself, consider Chandler natural stone cleaning to get your floor back to looking new.

Use The Right Cleaners For Your Tile & Grout

Finally, be sure to use the right types of cleaners for your daily or weekly cleaning. This is a really important step because the wrong types of cleaners can damage your floor, break down the sealant, and even lead to premature replacement of the flooring. The best cleaner is a pH neutral and free of fragrance. Although fragrance adds a fresh, clean smell to your home, the extra additives are not ideal for your tile and grout. Definitely avoid cleaners made with vinegar, lemon, and other citrus or acids, because they break down sealant and can lead to more staining rather than cleaning.

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