Why a DIY Stone Cleaner is Your Worst Enemy

Reasons Why You Should Professionally Clean Your Natural Stones

Many people are increasingly interested in making their own cleaning products, popularly called do it yourself or DIY. Homeowners can find many different recipes on blogs and social media that are intended to kill germs, remove dirt, and sanitize the natural stone surfaces in their homes. There are many reasons why people may choose to make their own cleaning solutions, such as to save money, a desire to avoid harsh chemicals in their homes and on their skin, or even because of sensitivity to fragrances. However, in many cases, using a DIY solution for Phoenix natural stone cleaning may cause more harm than benefit.

A brief internet search will result in many different recipes for DIY natural stone cleaners. Before you mix up one of these recipes and spray it on your natural stone countertop, backsplash, or floor, consider whether the ingredients in the recipe could damage your beautiful surfaces. If you’re not sure, it’s best to err on the side of caution and skip it. Here are some other reasons why a DIY natural stone cleaner is a bad idea.

Why a DIY Stone Cleaner is Your Worst Enemy

Potential For Damage To Your Natural Stone Surfaces

Harsh chemicals or acids, such as bleach, ammonia, and vinegar are too strong for natural stone and can wreak havoc on your surfaces. Hydrogen peroxide and soaps should also be avoided. While they can be appropriately used elsewhere, all of these cleaning agents contain chemicals that can damage your natural stone. Unfortunately, most DIY cleaning solutions for Phoenix tile and grout cleaning are made at least in part from one or more of these ingredients.

Many people don’t realize that acidic cleaners and strong chemicals can wear away the top layer of your natural stone countertop, causing etching, staining, or other damage. At minimum, these cleaning ingredients will dull the finish on your stone. With time, repeated use of wrong types of cleaning solutions on your natural stone will compromise its structural integrity and result in significant damage that needs costly repair.

Cleaning Power May Be Ineffective

When you clean surfaces such as kitchen or bathroom counters, it’s important to make sure that whatever cleaning solution you are using will properly disinfect the area. Bacteria can live on surfaces, especially in places where shoes are worn (such as entryways), in bathrooms, or in kitchens where raw meat and other food is prepared. A good cleaning solution will be sure to kill potentially harmful bacteria and viruses so your home can be safely sanitized. DIY cleaners often lack the ability to sufficiently kill these bacteria that can cause serious illness for your family.

DIY Cleaners May Remove Saealants

Almost all natural stone surfaces that will be exposed to water or daily living will require a sealant that will protect the stone and make it easy to wipe down as needed. DIY cleaners that contain acidic ingredients can potentially erode the sealant over your natural stone, which will leave your beautiful granite or marble surface vulnerable to unsightly damage. Without a protective layer of sealant, you’ll find that water, cleaning solutions, food, and more can penetrate directly into the stone and cause damage that can be unrepairable.

Whay Natural Stone Cleaner Should I Use?

Phoenix natural stone cleaners recommend using a cleaning solution that is reputable and intended for natural stone use. There are many different products on the market that are marketed for natural stone, but not all products are created equally. In fact, there are three types of stone cleaners and it’s important to know which ones you should be using. These include:

  • Stain lifters: This is a specialized cleaner intended to remove stains from your natural stone surfaces, such as oils, grease, food, and dirt.
  • Sealer enhancers: Not for daily use, a sealer enhancer solution is for removing stains and will also add an extra layer of sealant to help prevent future stains.
  • Daily cleaners: Daily cleaners are the most popular product and your best choice for regular cleaning. These custom designed cleaning solutions are gentle enough for daily use but still offer a disinfecting clean.

Trusted Natural Stone Cleaners In Phoenix

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