Fresno Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout are extremely common throughout homes and businesses in Fresno due to their unique beauty and versatility of use. Over time with daily wear, both tile and grout can become dingy, dull, and stained. Arizona Stone Care specializes in thorough Fresno tile and grout cleaning services, so call us today to get started!

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      Top-Rated Fresno Tile Cleaning Company

      Let our experienced Fresno tile cleaning experts flush away all dirt and debris from deep inside your tile and grout for a fresh appearance and feel.

      Professional Stone & Tile Floor Restoration

      Bring your stone floor back to life with quality Fresno tile restoration and deep cleaning services at Arizona Stone Care. We are experienced, affordable, and reliable!

      Natural Stone Sealing & Tile Repair Experts

      Add a fresh layer of durable protection between your tile and the outside world with high quality, long lasting sealant from our Fresno tile sealing contractors.

      Restoring And Cleaning Your Stone & Tile Floors To Their Former Beauty

      At Arizona Stone Care, we know the toll that daily wear can take on tile and grout surfaces. As licensed and insured contractors, we offer quality deep cleaning, sealing, restoration, and repair of all types of tile and grout surfaces. With state of the art equipment, quality solutions, and extensive experience, our Fresno tile and grout contractors are prepared to bring new life and unique beauty back to your tile. Call today and take advantage of our detailed, focused, and skilled services, all offered at competitive rates!

      Our Clients’ Testimonials

      Fresno Tile Cleaning Company With 5-Star Rated Reviews

      100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

      Our experience was amazing! Our floor had been pretty neglected and Arizona Stone Care brought them back to life! They were on time, friendly, professional, and got done in a great amount of time! We will continue to use them for our future maintenance of our floors!

      Sydnee F.


      I can’t say enough about this amazing company, we just moved here and needed the job done quickly so we could start moving in furniture. Hank went above and beyond by squeezing us in on a Saturday/Sunday to get the job done! The floors look AMAZING, his knowledge and professionalism are off the charts. 5 stars isn’t enough!

      Julie R.


      Hank and his team work very well together. They are professional, polite and do their best to satisfy the customer. They take pride in their product and strive to keep their company on top. Hank has a wealth of knowledge and willingly shares it with his customers. Good team, good company.

      Bert A.




      Before & After Photo Of Interior Tile Restoration
      Before & After Photo Of Exterior Tile Polishing
      Before & After Photo Of Interior Tile Polishing
      Before & After Photo Of Interior Finishing

      Stone Tile Polishing & Honing Contractors In Fresno

      Honing refers to the polish level and reflection of your tile and grout. Low hone means there is no reflection or mild polish, while your typical tile is polished to a 400 grit diamond level with medium sheen. Our contractors are experienced in working with all types of tile and can help you make the best choice about polish level and honing for your floor.

      Let Arizona Stone Care help you achieve the results you want through our skilled Fresno tile polishing services!

      cleaned and sealed travertine tile floor arizona
      Travertine tile floor

      Reliable Tile & Grout Restoration Company Near You

      Stone tiles and grout are porous materials. Over time, the sealant barrier wears down and allows the porous stone to absorb dirt, grime, and moisture, leading to mildew growth and a dingy appearance.

      Let our Fresno stone and grout restoration contractors flush all dirt and debris from deep inside your floor to ensure a thorough deep clean. We then apply a fresh coat of sealant to protect the tile and grout from future damage or dullness. Your stone tile will look as new as the day it was installed!

      Call, Text or Email For Service!

      Leading Tile & Grout Cleaning Contractors In Fresno, CA

      Specializing In Stone & Tile Floor Cleaning, Polishing And Restoration

      When it comes to tile and grout cleaning in Fresno, Arizona Stone Care is no stranger. If your tile floor is showing signs of wear and damage, our experts are ready to work their magic and restore its natural shine. Through high powered wash, a hot water flush, and high quality cleaning solutions, our cleaning contractors at Arizona Stone Care can deep clean your tile floor, countertop, patio, or shower to bring it back to life through eye-catching shine. Get a free estimate today or call our Fresno location to get your tile and grout scheduled with our contractors!

      Providing High Quality Tile Cleaning Services Near You

      Top Outdoor Stone Pavers Cleaning And Restoration In Fresno

      Outdoor Stone Pavers Cleaning & Restoration

      Experienced Porcelain And Marble Polishing In Fresno

      Experienced Porcelain & Marble Polishing

      Fresno's Local Travertine Sealing And Restoration Team

      Local Travertine Sealing & Restoration Team

      Professional Granite Tile Polishing And Cleaning In Fresno City, CA

      Professional Granite Tile Polishing & Cleaning

      Limestone Cleaning And Restoration Experts Providing Services In Fresno

      Limestone Cleaning & Restoration Experts

      Fresno's Qualified Flagstone Tile Sealing And Cleaning Team

      Qualified Flagstone Tile Sealing & Cleaning

      Types of Natural Stone We Service and Maintain

      Whether you have a surface made of stone, saltillo, slate, granite, marble, flagstone, limestone, or another type of tile, Arizona Stone Care is an excellent resource. Our licensed and insured contractors are extremely knowledgeable about the care, maintenance, and restoration of all types of natural stone. We provide education and tips about how to care for your tile and grout, and offer a variety of reliable services that bring your tile back to life. With five-star ratings across the web from countless satisfied customers, Arizona Stone Care is the #1 choice for homeowners and business owners with a tile surface!

      Sierra Stone Care Can Clean And Maintain Travertine Floor Tiles
      Sierra Stone Care Can Clean And Maintain Marble Floor Tiles
      Sierra Stone Care Can Clean And Maintain Limestone Floor Tiles
      Sierra Stone Care Can Clean And Maintain Saltillo Floor Tiles
      Sierra Stone Care Can Clean And Maintain Flagstone Floor Tiles
      Sierra Stone Care Can Clean And Maintain Slate Floor Tiles
      Sierra Stone Care Can Clean And Maintain Porcelain Floor Tiles

      More Natural Stone Tile Cleaning Services









      Premium Tile & Grout Cleaning Services

      Skilled Grout Cleaning Contractors Providing Services In Fresno

      Skilled Grout Cleaning Contractors

      Grout is highly porous and easily absorbs moisture or dirt over time. Visit Arizona Stone Care today for an estimate on our grout cleaning services in Fresno.

      Professional Grout Coloring Services For Fresno Residents

      Professional Grout Coloring Services

      If you have cracks or missing pieces of grout, Arizona Stone Care will carefully color match and repair the damaged areas for a seamless appearance.

      Fresno's 5-Star Rated Kitchen and Bath Tile And Grout Sealing Services

      Kitchen & Bath Tile And Grout Sealing

      Through fresh application of high quality sealant, your grout and tile will be fully protected from environmental hazards, spills, and foot traffic that can cause damage or cracks.

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