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      Limestone Sealing

      Provide the ultimate protection for your limestone flooring with limestone sealing in Phoenix from the trusted team at Arizona Stone Care. Contact us for a free quote!

      Limestone Cleaning

      The first step to ensuring the longevity and beauty of your limestone floors is to consult with our team for a quality limestone cleaning that can give you the best results!


      Keep your limestone floors looking fresh and clean with help from the natural stone restoration team and #1 limestone polishing contractors in Phoenix at Arizona Stone Care.

      Top-Rated Arizona Stone Cleaning Company for Limestone Floors

      Best Rated Limestone Cleaning And Maintenance Services In Arizona

      Limestone floor cleaning and polishing is one of our most requested services. In some cases, you may merely need to polish your limestone floors to achieve a like new shine, providing it has been well maintained. For our clients who want their limestone to look better than new, inquire about our Diamond Polishing service. Diamond Polishing is our elite service which leaves your limestone with a mirror finish for a fraction of the cost of a newly installed limestone.

      Customer Comments

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      100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

      I wanted to have it done but was not looking forward to moving everything again. Talk about customer service…he said THEY would move all the furniture. They moved everything…and put it back. They also cleaned everything up when they were finished. Finally, our floor is finished and looks beautiful!

      Kathy S.
      San Tan Valley, AZ


      I spoke with a number of companies about sealing our newly installed tumbled travertine but ultimately went with Hank at Arizona Stone Care because it was obvious that he was far more knowledgeable on the subject and would stand behind the job.

      Brook T.
      Phoenix, AZ


      I was given a ton of info on my first call to the company. Hank came over and we got a plan in motion. Hank and his crew showed up on time and got right to work. They did a demo of gloss level options. I’m glad they did the demo. We first wanted the semi gloss but after the demo, we went with the high gloss.

      John G.
      Scottsdale, AZ


      Before AZ Stone Care polish


      Tile after Arizona Stone Care floor tile polish


      Masking to Protect Your Home

      Our limestone cleaning process starts with a careful and thorough masking of your wood cabinets, doors, wood floors and carpet. Our goal is to protect your home as we restore your floor.

      Residential Tile Floor Cleaners in Scottsdale AZ
      Dissolving Dirt

      Applying a natural stone degreaser to break down and dissolve dirt/grease is very important and highly effective. We know that limestone, with all of its pores and highs and lows, can allow dirt to build up over time. Even the best degreasers can only be somewhat effective. Because of this we take our cleaning process one step further. We use a specially designed rotary scrubber and agitator to work with the degreaser to break free the grime and grease. This process aggressively removes the dirt from your limestone floor and grout joints.

      Extracting Dirt

      Once the dirt on your stone floor has been broken free and suspended we extract it. Critical to this process is having the specialized and powerful equipment. The typical equipment for stone floor cleaning is called a “truck-mount” unit. Truck-mount machines offer extraction/vacuum power and moderate heat and moderate cleaning ability. We want more than moderate cleaning. Our Paradise Valley tile cleaning and extraction units have been designed to our specifications by a local Phoenix manufacturer. They are super effective at cleaning stone floors because they use higher pressure and heat than truck mount units. Our machines have the ability to reach 3,000 psi and 275 degrees continually! We will get your floors clean!
      We relish our client’s “Aha Moment” when they see their fresh clean limestone tile floors.

      Restoring Your Limestone Floor Tiles To Their Former Beauty

      Arizona Stone Care is committed to helping you restore your limestone floors to their former beauty with first rate natural stone restoration services. With an unbeatable reputation on Google, Yelp, Houzz, Facebook, and more, our tile flooring contractors can deliver stunning results for all of your flooring needs. From cleaning and polishing to high quality limestone sealing, our limestone contractors are ready to help give your floors the facelift it needs.

      Limestone Services We Provide

      Thoroughly Polishing Limestone Floors
      Thoroughly Polishing Limestone Floors
      Experienced Limestone Restoration
      Experienced Limestone Restoration
      Professional Limestone Cleaners
      Professional Limestone Cleaners
      Outdoor Limestone Floor Sealing
      Outdoor Limestone Floor Sealing
      Premium Flagstone Sealers
      Top-Rated Contractors Cleaning Limestone Floors
      Affordable Limestone Sealers
      Affordable Limestone Sealers

      When Limestone Cleaning Solutions Are Not Enough

      Exclusive Limestone Repair Service In Arizona

      Sometimes, your limestone needs more than a simple cleaning, and that’s where Arizona Stone Care comes in. With a wide range of cleaning and repair solutions, our Phoenix limestone cleaning contractors offer exclusive repair services to keep your floors intact.

      Repairing Your Limestone Floor

      Due to how soft limestone is, almost every floor we have worked on has cracks, chips, holes and hollow tiles throughout. When your limestone tile was cut at the quarry, they repaired cracks, chips and holes with Epoxy. We use the same type of Epoxy product that the quarry uses when we repair your floor. The use of any other product would result in an inferior match and result in reducing the value of your floor. It’s not uncommon for us to see repairs done that incorporated grout, latex grout and even a liquid nails adhesive to fill holes and cracks.
      Using epoxy to repair and restore your limestone floor is not easy or quick, but it is something we take great pride in doing, and it looks great! Every hole and every crack is carefully treated with epoxy that is specifically color matched to that particular tile. It is repaired, heated, polished and melted into the tile so that it looks beautiful!

      Honing Your Floor

      Honing is a wet sanding process that removes scratches and acidic etches throughout the floor. Limestone honing is most necessary in high traffic areas and kitchens. By going through a careful process of using several different each of these different grits of sandpaper we will reveal your floor’s true beauty.
      We start with the process with 400-grit sanding belt and thoroughly go over the entire area. Then we clean the area and repeat the process with 800-grit, then 1500-grit and finally 3000-grit. Each step removes finer and finer scratches and allows the true beauty of your tile floor to shine.
      Unfortunately, deep gouges that heavy furniture can create when it is dragged across the tile generally cannot be removed through honing.

      Polishing Your Floor

      Polishing is wet process that works a polishing compound from a powder into a slurry. This step takes time and requires great patience.
      As we are working this compound into the limestone and bringing out the luster, we take time check each and every tile to make sure it passes our reflectively test. Each limestone tile must reach its full reflective potential. If not, when you step back and look at the floor certain tiles will appear more polished than others. This is not an acceptable option to our customers or us. This attention to detail is another step of quality control that we implement on every project, which sets us apart from our competition.

      Limestone Sealing

      We use high-grade penetrating solvent-based sealers to seal your limestone surfaces. Sealers are designed to be absorbed into the pores of the stone and fill them up. Tight pores help keep spills on the surface so they won’t soak in. This process effectively creates a barrier of protection between the stone and the open air and liquids. Although penetrating sealers are not bulletproof, they are essential in keeping acidic spills on the surface, which prevents the acids from eating away the underlying stone layers. This protective layer ensures that if there is a resulting etch, or dull spot, it can often be re-honed with the proper abrasives. Common liquids containing acids are: Citrus, vinegar, wine, soda, some perfumes and medicines. How you maintain your limestone will impact on how long your sealer lasts, but in general, you can expect the sealer coating to last between 3 and 5 years. We use only the best “Stonetech Professional” stone sealers on the floors we service.

      Limestone Grout Restoration

      Your grout unmistakably influences how your floor, countertop or other surfaces will look in the end. In the end we will instruct you on how to clean your limestone tile floors, showers or counter-tops, what products to use and which to stay away from and how to maintain your grout’s pristine appearance.
      As you can see, the professionals at Arizona Stone Care know how to make your limestone floor look its best and last for a lifetime. We also provide a variety of PV tile cleaning services for residents throughout the Valley, including marble etching sealers, Scottsdale ceramic tile cleaning, limestone tile sealing, Queen Creek stone floor cleaning, flagstone tile sealing contractors, travertine patio tile cleaning, and much more.

      What Makes Limestone Unique

      Limestone is a popular choice for flooring due to its soft, light appearance and its ability to create an inviting look wherever it’s installed. Not only is it great for kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor spaces, and more, but each cut is unique because it’s naturally sourced and not man made! To make sure your limestone floors stay in tip-top condition, consult with the limestone floor cleaners in Phoenix at Arizona Stone Care!

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      Types of Natural Stone We Service and Maintain

      As industry leading natural stone restoration contractors in Arizona, we are dedicated to delivering high quality results and trusted solutions to keep your floors looking pristine and fresh! Arizona Stone Care is proud to offer cleaning, sealing, and polishing for a wide range of natural materials including limestone, flagstone, porcelain tile, travertine, marble, granite, slate, saltillo, and more!

      Sierra Stone Care Can Clean And Maintain Travertine Floor Tiles
      Sierra Stone Care Can Clean And Maintain Marble Floor Tiles
      Sierra Stone Care Can Clean And Maintain Limestone Floor Tiles
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      Sierra Stone Care Can Clean And Maintain Slate Floor Tiles
      Sierra Stone Care Can Clean And Maintain Porcelain Floor Tiles

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      Sealing Ceramic and Limestone Tile & Grout

      Limestone Tile Sealing In Arizona
      Limestone Sealing

      Once your limestone is cleaned and properly polished, our Phoenix limestone contractors provide five star limestone sealing for homes and businesses throughout the Valley!

      Cementitious Grout Cleaning And Sealing In Arizona
      Cementitious Grout

      With an unbeatable limestone repair process, we provide cementitious grouting to fill cracks and voids in your limestone to give it a fresh, newly installed appearance.

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