Interior Home Flooring: 3 Advantages of Natural Stone

When talking about natural stone, most homeowners think about their fireplace, exterior walls and accents, or even a patio floor. But you might not think of natural stone as a good fit for your interior home flooring. Stone has a “natural” and “rustic” vibe about it, so many people think of it for exterior use unless they are going for a specific aesthetic inside. However, stone comes in a variety of finishes and colors, and it is an excellent choice for interior flooring.

Interior home flooring: 3 advantages of natural stone


Here are just a few of the advantages of incorporating natural stone for your flooring:

Allergen Resistant

Natural stone is allergen resistant

Natural stone doesn’t hold onto dust, dander, and other allergens the way other flooring types can. Carpet is notorious for locking in these allergy triggers, no matter how much you clean it. Over time, the only thing you can do to get carpet clean is to replace it. But with natural stone, you just need to give it a quick sweep or a dust mop to get rid of any allergens that might be hanging around. The stone doesn’t draw these things in or hold onto them.

It is important that you keep your interior environment as clean as possible if you are prone to allergies. Choosing natural stone for your floors will make that job easier.

Naturally Cool

Natural stone stays cool in the summer

Arizona is hot in the summer. Well, hot may be an understatement. It’s something closer to the third circle of the underworld. But that’s a matter of relevance, we suppose.

Natural stone stays cool in the summer. That means that when you are sweating buckets, you can step into your home, kick off your shoes, and be greeted by the cool embrace of your stone floors. Between your floors and your air conditioner, you can start cooling from head to toe as soon as you step inside. You’ll feel a lot more comfortable in your own home throughout the year.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Natural stone is easy to clean and maintain

You don’t have to scrub stone floors or treat it with special enzymes to keep it free of stains and smelling nice. That makes it the perfect floor choice if you have pets or children. However, the easy maintenance requirement is a bonus for anyone.

All you have to do to take care of natural stone floors is keep them swept and dust mopped. Just keeping the dirt and debris off them will prevent stains and odors from settling in. Clean up any spills as soon as they happen to prevent stains from setting. (Rinse with warm water if you spill a harsh chemical or something acidic like orange juice or vinegar.)

If you need to do more than sweep or dust mop, make sure you buy a cleaner that is specifically designed for the type of stone in your home. Some stones are denser, and some are more porous. Using the wrong cleaner can damage the floor or insufficiently clean it. Follow the cleansing with a sealer – again, using the product designed for your flooring.

More extensive staining or damage will require the help of the professionals. You can hire someone to perform stone polishing in Gilbert or even restoration, depending on the extent of the damage and what caused it.

Stunning & Seamless Design

Natural stone is an ideal choice for your interior home flooring. In addition to all its benefits, it has a beautiful look that will instantly elevate your home’s profile and create a seamless design from the inside to the outside of your home. If you were to make any investment in your home that would have the most impact in the most ways, getting stone flooring would be it.

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