Types of Porcelain Tiles Available in Arizona

porcelain tileThere is a general misconception among buyers in Arizona that porcelain tiles are all the same. However, this is quite untrue. There are many varieties of porcelain tiles that a customer can choose. Each tile has its own set of unique advantages or disadvantages. Knowing about each type can help you make a better decision about buying the right kind of porcelain tiles for your home. Given below is a detailed explanation of the 4 major porcelain tile varieties to guide you.

Multiple loading porcelain tiles

Multiple loading porcelain tiles are produced using materials that are pressed twice. They are also not glazed and are composed of very few colored materials. Their thickness comprises of two layers; 75% of which is made up of speckled materials and 25% of which is noble minerals. They are good for usage in heavy traffic areas, however, their appearance can be very mundane.

Full body porcelain tiles

These are also known as through-body tiles. They are made using a wide array of materials that are pressed and fired. One of the most unique features of through body porcelain is that the colors and texture are consistent throughout its thickness. These porcelain tiles are very dense and strong, offering high slip resistance as well. However, porcelain polishing can reduce the slip resistance. Another disadvantage is that they can be mundane in terms of appearance, just like multiple loading porcelain tiles. As for water absorption, full body tiles have very reduced capacity at .5%, which means porcelain sealing will not be required on a regular basis.

Glazed porcelain tiles

These porcelain tile varieties are mostly known for their appealing appearance. They are made using clay, which is then pressed with a mix of other materials to create the glazed texture. Glazed porcelain is affordable, stain resistant and is available in multiple colors and patterns. Porcelain sealing is also not required, as these kind of tiles are non-porous, except in the case that they are polished. However, the glazed finish can get etched easily and therefore, they are not suitable for high traffic areas.

Twin pressed porcelain tiles

A light weight press is used to create a pre-compacted mix of multiple materials, which then undergoes a second press technique to combine it with the glaze material. These tiles are raw at first, and therefore, can be decorated as required. This results in several options with regard to color and patterns. The second pressing process even delivers a 3D effect for the design. These tiles are also durable and can be used in high traffic areas. As for disadvantages, they are expensive, since there are two primary processes involved in producing these tiles.

Porcelain tile maintenance services in Arizona

In order to know which porcelain tile option is best suited to your requirements, it is wise to talk to a porcelain tile maintenance service in Arizona. They can provide you with comprehensive details on porcelain cleaning, polishing, and sealing, which can help you make a better decision.