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natural stone cleaning Phoenix


Cleaning your natural stone, whether it be travertine, marble or even ceramic tile, requires a specific process to ensure optimal results.

natural stone polishing Phoenix


Polishing floors, countertops, showers, etc. brings out the true look of your natural stone surface that will, often times, look better than new!

natural stone restoration Phoenix


Restoring natural stone surfaces is truly an art-form that can bring almost any stone surface back to life and make it look like the day it was installed.

Common Travertine Stains: How to Identify Them - Travertine is a type if limestone that is used in buildings and houses across . It is a well liked and preferred option to other stones because of its ability to last long and also because of how it adds a touch of pleasant aesthetics to any space. This is one of the reasons why […]
How to Choose a Granite Cleaning Service in Phoenix - You’ve probably chosen granite as your top option for home flooring or to be used as a kitchen countertop. The reason for choosing granite may be the many advantages it has to offer. Apart from its appearance-enhancing properties, you probably also like the fact that it is durable and strong. However, you may have also […]
What is Travertine and How is it Cleaned in Phoenix? - Travertine is a type of sedimentary limestone that is formed as a result of chemical precipitation. It is mostly made up of calcite, which is essentially 99 percent of the entire composition. The texture of travertine is spongy owing to the mixing of organic matter and carbon dioxide emissions, which play a key role in […]