7 Foolproof Natural Stone Maintenance Hacks To Enhance Your Floors

Essential Care Tips To Clean Your Natural Stone Tiles In Arizona

Natural stone is a great choice for your tile floors. With the right maintenance, your natural stone tile floor will last many years, giving you consistent performance and a beautiful appearance. While natural stone is relatively low-maintenance, it does require you to practice the right care. Using the wrong cleaners on it or making other mistakes in care can dull or damage the tile.

Before you have to call in the experts for natural stone restoration, make sure you are following these seven tips for keeping your tile floors looking good:

Essential Care Tips To Clean Your Natural Stone Tiles In Gilbert, AZ

Keep It Simple While Cleaning Your Natural Stone Floors

Mostly, you will only need a damp, soft cloth or sponge to clean your stone tile. After sweeping the floor, just run the sponge or cloth over the tile to clean up any other dirt or debris. You can add a dab of pH-neutral soap if you have anything sticky on the floors. In most cases, you won’t need soap at all.

Avoid Abrasives That Damage Stone Tiles

Harsh cleansers or cleaning tools can damage your stone tile. Avoid acidic and otherwise harsh cleansers that can discolor or etch your floors. These harsh cleansers can also damage the sealant that protects your stone. You should also avoid scrubbers that can scratch your floors and strip your sealant.

Read Labels: Do Not Use Harmful Chemicals On Your Floors

Many everyday cleaners are safe for stone. However, you should never assume that the cleaners are suitable. It’s best to use only cleaners that are labeled specifically for use on stone. Natural stone cleaners have been formulated with the unique needs of the stone in mind, and they will not damage or discolor the stone.

Use Soft Bristle Brushes

Occasionally, you might have a spill that leaves behind some build up or other debris that a simple, soft cloth cannot clean up. When you need something a little tougher to clean your stone floors, you need only reach for a soft-bristle brush. If that doesn’t get your floors clean, you’ll need to call in the natural stone cleaning professionals.

Dry After Cleaning To Avoid Tile Discoloration

Liquids can cause discoloration and other damage to stone over time. After you clean your floors, be sure to dry them immediately with a dry towel or even a blow dryer. Dry them in an even manner to prevent spotting.

Clean Mats Regularly

Dirt and other debris can turn into abrasives for your stone floor. Vacuuming or even walking across the floor can grind the dirt into the floor. You can reduce the risk to your stone by minimizing the dirt, including by shaking out mats and rugs regularly. Avoid dragging items across the floors, including large rugs.

Seal Your Stone Floors For Lasting Protection 

Sealing your stone floors can protect them against all types of damage. The sealant can keep out liquids that can cause spotting or other discoloration. It can prevent scratching, and it can protect the color of the stone. Committing to sealing your stone floors once a year can help you protect the floors, reduce your natural stone cleaning bills, and give your floors a longer lifespan.

You don’t need to do much to keep your natural stone floors looking great. But it is important that you know the do’s and don’ts so that you don’t make any mistakes that can inadvertently damage your floors. If you do experience any discoloration or other damage, call the natural stone cleaning experts to revive your floors. The professionals can also perform natural stone restoration to repair damage and correct the color. You’ll have beautiful floors that will have a long and healthy lifespan.

Hire a Qualified Natural Stone Cleaning Company In Gilbert, AZ

Arizona Stone Care can make your stone floors look great again. We can lift out years of staining and restore their color with our professional natural stone cleaning, or we can repair damage with our natural stone restoration. We offer thorough tile and grout cleaning, as well as polishing and sealing. We can protect your stone floors from damage, or we can restore them after years of neglect. We serve clients throughout the Phoenix metro area, and we have earned a top reputation for our exceptional service and our reliable results. Contact us in Phoenix to schedule a consultation or to book your natural stone cleaning or other services.


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