The Ultimate Marble Floor Cleaning Guide

Keeping Your Marble Floor Tiles Looking Beautiful & Timeless

Marble floors are gorgeous and luxurious additions to any home. They are a popular choice because of the way they make any room look elegant, along with the advantage of their long lifespan. Unfortunately, marble floors that are not properly maintained and cleaned will become cloudy, dull, and even damaged. It’s important for homeowners to keep up with regular maintenance as well as annual professional Phoenix natural stone cleaning so that they can get the longest possible life out of their marble floors. Follow this ultimate marble floor cleaning guide to keep your marble floors looking beautiful and timeless.

Keeping Your Marble Floor Tiles Looking Beautiful and Timeless In Phoenix, AZ

How Often Should I Clean My Marble Floors?

There are three kinds of cleaning for marble flooring: light cleaning that should be done about twice a week, monthly deeper cleaning, and annual professional cleaning from a professional Queen Creek natural stone cleaner.

Light Cleaning

Sand, dust, and dirt are the enemies of marble floors because they create very tiny scratches in the floor that dull the finish and allow unattractive stains to penetrate the marble. To prevent this, your marble floors should be dry dust-mopped at least twice a week, more often if there are several people in your home or the area is very high-traffic. Any obvious mud or dirt should be wiped up as soon as it is noticed. Even though marble flooring has a protective sealant, spills should be cleaned immediately, especially if they are acidic, such as fruit juices, soft drinks, or condiments.

Deeper Cleaning

At least once a month, your marble floors will need a deeper cleaning. Start by using a dry dust mop to clean up any loose debris. In a bucket, mix a solution of warm water with a mild soap. Follow the label guidelines to determine the correct ratio of water to cleaning agent. Have a second bucket of clean, warm water available for rinsing. Using a soft cotton or microfiber cloth, work a small amount of soapy solution across the floor, rinsing the cloth frequently to remove any dirt. Carefully rinse with the freshly cleaned floor to remove any soapy residue. This step may seem optional, but keeping marble dry is important to prevent yellowing and dullness. Finally, use a microfiber cloth in large circles to dry and buff your marble floor. Removing excess water prevents stains. If your deeper cleaning cannot remove all of the stains in your flooring, schedule an appointment with natural stone cleaners to get it removed as soon as possible.

Professional Cleaning

To keep them in their best condition and prevent resistant staining, your marble flooring should be professionally cleaned by a Phoenix tile and grout cleaning company who specializes in natural stones. A professional cleaning will leave your marble floor polished, clean, and shining to promote its full lifespan.

How To Treat Stains On Your Marble Flooring

If your cleaning solution did not remove every stain, try these methods or contact Apache Junction natural stone cleaners for assistance:


Gently rub the scuff with a dry tennis ball.

Ink Stains

Place a cloth saturated in rubbing alcohol over the stain for a few minutes, then blot away the ink. Repeat until the ink is removed, rinse well with water, and buff dry.

Organic Stains

Repeat the instructions for ink stains, but use 12 percent hydrogen peroxide in place of the rubbing alcohol. Allow the hydrogen peroxide to sit on the floor for at least 30 minutes.

Water Spots

Lightly dampen the floor with plain water; then use a soft microfiber cloth to dry and buff the floor using large, circular motions.

The Right Cleaning Tools For Your Marble Floors

It’s critically important that the right tools are used for Phoenix natural stone cleaning to avoid scratching and undue wear on the finish. Dry dust mops or sweeper cloths are the best option for trapping dust, sand, and loose particles on the floor. For wiping up spills, use a microfiber cloth.

To keep your marble floor in the best condition, never use the following products:

  • Dusting spray
  • Vacuum with beater brush
  • Stiff bristled broom
  • Harsh cleaners such as ammonia or chlorine bleach
  • Any scouring cleaners containing grit
  • Homemade cleaners containing anything acidic, such as vinegar or lemon juice
  • Waxing products or anything promoting shine, which can make your floors overly slippery

Choose The Best Marble Floor Cleaning Products 

It’s critical to choose the right kind of cleaning products for your marble floors. Ideally, you’ll want to find a cleaner that has been specifically designed for marble flooring, with a neutral pH level (around 7). Since natural stone is highly absorbent, it will take on stains from spills and become damaged from sand and dirt. However, marble flooring that is cared for and professionally maintained by Tempe natural stone cleaners will serve you well for decades.

Call Professional Marble Floor Cleaning Services In Phoenix, AZ

If your marble floors are in need of a cleaning, polish, or restoration, call Arizona Stone Care. As a small, locally owned business, we are the experts who can bring your floor back to its original beauty. We pride ourselves in outstanding work and as innovators in customer service. Contact us to get a free quote on your marble flooring.

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