How to Minimize Soft Water Damage to My Marble

Natural Stone Cleaning Tips to Protect Your Marble

You may not think much about your water unless you have a problem with it. But the quality of your water can have a big impact on your family’s health and even on the integrity of your home. Hard water can wreak havoc on your plumbing by layering it in sediment. But soft water can also take a toll on your home, specifically on your natural stone, such as marble.

Unfortunately, there won’t be much you can do in the way of natural stone cleaning or restoration if your water damages your stone. So it is much better to take steps to protect your marble or other stone from your soft water.

Hard v. Soft Water

“Hard water” is the term used when your water is heavy with minerals. Hard water most commonly has high levels of calcium and iron, but other minerals can also be found in hard water. All water typically has some levels of these and other minerals, but hard water has excessive levels of these minerals, and that can lead to sediment buildup in your plumbing.

“Soft water” is the term used for water that is somewhat lacking in minerals. In particular, soft water is low in calcium and magnesium. Many people make their water soft by installing a system to remove the excess minerals in their naturally hard water. Some just have soft water naturally.

How to Minimize Soft Water Damage to My Marble

Location of the Stone

The problem with soft water is that when it washes over natural stone, it can leach minerals out of the stone. That can compromise the integrity of the stone, and it can severely discolor it. Given enough time, the water can even etch the stone.

You don’t have to worry so much about marble that is in a dry location, such as for the entryway to your home or for your living room. But you will have a problem if you have soft water and your marble is located in your bathroom or kitchen. If you are remodeling, you should keep this in mind when selecting your stone. Choose silicate-based stones like granite or slate in areas where there will be a lot of soft water exposure.

Minimizing the Damage

You may not have a choice in where the marble is located because it was already there when you bought the house. You can still minimize the damage to the stone so that you can continue enjoying it for years to come.

You can use potassium chloride pellets to soften your water, rather than sodium chloride. This will reduce the damage that the water will cause on your marble. You can also protect your marble by installed a reverse osmosis system, which will remove sodium from your water, as well as other minerals. You get the soft water you need, but you don’t get the sodium that will harm your marble.

You can also protect your marble by having it sealed and by ensuring that you keep up with a schedule for periodic re-sealing. The sealing can protect your stone against water and other materials that could damage it.

Taking some proactive steps can help you to protect your marble or other natural stone, either from soft water or from other risks, such as foot traffic, spills, or exposure. In some cases, you’ll be able to call in natural stone cleaning experts in Queen Creek to restore the stone, but you won’t always be so lucky. The best way to care for your stone is to protect it from dangers and to keep it sealed.

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