Marble Shower Sealing: How Necessary Is It?

Arizona Stone Care Experts Explain The Importance Of Marble Shower Sealing

Marble tile is a popular option for modern bathrooms because it gives a high-end, classic look to any room. The glossy tiles feel luxurious and elegant and brighten up your space. When marble tiles are installed in other rooms in your home, such as a living room or entryway floor, it would be advisable to seal the tiles so that they are protected from damage and staining. But homeowners often wonder if their marble shower tiles need the same kind of care. Here are some suggestions from Phoenix natural stone restoration experts.

Stone Care Experts Explain The Importance Of Marble Shower Sealing In Phoenix, AZ

Do I Need To Seal My Marble Shower Tiles?

Well, yes. And no. This is a debated topic between contractors. One of the problems with the disagreement is that sealing marble tiles doesn’t consider all situations, so there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question.

While ceramic and other tiles need to be sealed, it’s often recommended not to seal marble tiles in your shower. This is because marble naturally absorbs small amounts of moisture. If the marble tile is sealed, water from the shower may actually become trapped in the tiles, promoting degradation of the stone. Eventually, this water absorption will cause mold and mildew buildup in the marble and in the walls behind your shower and cause the stone to break down enough to where you’d need to replace some tiles, or even the whole wall.

An additional consideration is that marble tiles in other rooms, such as a kitchen, are sealed in order to prevent staining. Marble tiles in showers are unlikely to become stained from ordinary cosmetic products or the right marble-friendly cleaning products. In contrast, marble tiles installed in kitchens, dining rooms, and floors are much more likely to stain, and benefit from that layer of protective sealant along with regular Phoenix natural stone cleaning. In the shower, you also have running water that will remove anything that might cause staining on the marble tiles.

Even though marble tiles in showers, bathrooms, and other damp areas don’t usually need sealing, there are exceptions to this rule that should be considered.

When Should I Seal My Marble Shower Tiles?

Sometimes, sealing the marble tile in your shower is the right choice. One situation where it’s a good idea to apply sealant is when you’ve installed white marble tiles into your shower, such as the popular Carrara or Calcutta styles of marble. This is because these types of tiles often contain small amounts of iron. If iron deposits are exposed to water from your shower, they can begin to oxidize and cause rust staining. Unfortunately, rust stains are unsightly and also extremely difficult to remove even with professional Phoenix tile and grout cleaning, so your best defense is prevention.

Since iron oxidation is best known as a problem that happens to marble tile floors after a floor or plumbing leak, and usually requires continuous water exposure over time in order to happen, many homeowners initially believe that oxidation and rust staining won’t become a problem for their white marble tiles. However, if water begins to build up behind your tiles, you may start to see rust staining.

Since marble tile in showers isn’t usually submerged, it’s rare for water to saturate the tile. Instead, your shower tiles will dry quickly after the shower is turned off, especially in Arizona’s dry climate. But if your white marble tiles are on your bathroom floor, shower benches, shelving in the shower, or inside a tub, those areas are at greater risk for rust staining than shower walls are, and should be sealed. They will also benefit from regular Queen Creek tile and grout cleaning to make sure they maintain their bright whiteness and continue looking amazing.

Another situation where sealant is a good idea is when you have honed marble tile installed in your shower. While this type of marble is usually not the best option for a shower, some people choose to install it anyway. In that situation, the honed marble tiles should be sealed.

Keep Your Marble Looking New With Regular Natural Stone Cleaning In Phoenix

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