Travertine Cleaning Products That Could Make Or Break Your Tiles

How To Keep Your Travertine Tile Flooring Looking New

Travertine tile is quickly becoming a very trendy flooring option in modern homes, both in new construction and in remodels. When polished and maintained, it gives an elegant, high-end look to your home. Travertine is formed when limestone reacts with calcium carbonate and other minerals. As these elements mix together, their movement creates swirls throughout the travertine, making each tile look a bit different for a very unique and interesting floor.

Since travertine is a natural stone, it’s strong and durable, making it an excellent choice for main living spaces and high traffic areas of your home. However, despite its durability, travertine is still susceptible to damage from some cleaning products, so you’ll want to make sure you choose the right type of cleaning products for your travertine tiles.

Do you want to find out how to keep your travertine tile flooring looking like new? Take a look at these suggestions from Phoenix natural stone cleaners.

Travertine Cleaning Products That Could Make Or Break Your Tiles In Phoenix, AZ.

Tips For Regular Maintenance Of Your Travertine Tiles

Take regular care of your travertine tiles so they continue to serve you well and look beautiful in your home. At least weekly, or more frequently in higher traffic areas, you’ll want to clean your travertine floors to prevent dust and stains from accumulating. A steam mop is an excellent tool for this job that will keep your travertine clean and free of streaking. A steam mop has the added advantage of sanitizing your floors with its high heat. Steam mops can be used with just water, enabling you to avoid chemicals that could be harmful to your flooring, family, or pets.

If desired, you can also use a pH neutral cleaning product on your travertine tiles. Avoid acidic cleaners, including vinegar, because the acids will cause etching and gradual damage. This means you’ll end up needing a full restore service from tile and grout cleaners. It’s important to choose the correct cleaning agent so your travertine doesn’t absorb harsh chemicals that will cause damage.

Avoid using products such as Mr. Clean, Windex, dish soap, or similar cleaning agents because they leave a film of residue on your travertine that will attract dust and grime. Eventually, this will weaken your travertine and cause staining or dullness. Routine maintenance between professional cleanings is the optimal way to keep your travertine floors looking amazing!

Professional Travertine Floor Cleaning

In addition to daily or weekly cleaning with a steam mop, it’s recommended to get professional cleaning and re-sealing annually. A professional Chandler natural stone cleaner is an expert at cleaning and sealing your travertine tiles so you can get the best results and a beautiful floor.
A professional tile cleaning company has the top tools to get the job done well. This includes a high heat, high pressure system that gets the stains, grime, and dirt off of the travertine surface, giving you the best possible cleaning.

The next step involves a careful assessment of your flooring to determine whether it needs any honing or polishing. Each floor has different needs, so it’s essential to hire an extensively trained technician who understands travertine and natural stone flooring. If any restoration or polishing is needed, the right pads and discs will be carefully selected so that your floor looks brand new.

Once the surface is completely polished and clean, a penetrating sealer is carefully applied to the entire travertine surface, which will create a waterproof barrier that prevents anything else from being absorbed into your tiles. After the travertine has absorbed the sealer, any excess is carefully removed and the floor is ready to use!

When you take time to maintain your travertine tile flooring by cleaning with a steam mop weekly, making a careful selection of the right cleaning solution, and following up with an annual professional cleaning, you can feel confident you are on the right track toward a travertine floor that looks beautiful all year round!

Contact a Qualified Travertine Tile Cleaning Company In Phoenix

If you’re ready to restore your worn-out travertine tiles or need an annual cleaning, Arizona Stone Care is the team you need to get your floors back to their original luster! Our highly trained and respectful professionals will treat your floor with care. You’ll be amazed at the transformation. To get a free quote, contact us today.

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