Marble Countertop Sealing: Is it Necessary?

Marble countertops and floors are a beautiful addition to any home. While striking and attractive, they do have some maintenance requirements that can make them somewhat of a hassle. These requirements include sealing, both with the initial installation and afterward. Though it is possible to reseal your marble surface yourself with over the counter products, most Mesa natural stone restoration specialists will agree that it is best left to a professional. Here are a few reasons why.

Marble Countertop Sealing Is it Necessary


This is one of the most asked questions regarding marble and other natural stone surfaces. There seems to be a wide range of opinions on the matter, so it can be difficult to discern which one to let influence your decision. Some say every 6 months, some people say every year, and others say it should never need it. Fortunately, there are a few simple tests that can be done at home to help you in this area; however, leaving it to the marble cleaning professionals to determine is your best bet.


Put a few drops of mineral oil on your counter (somewhere out of plain sight!).
Wait ten minutes, then wipe it up.
If a dark stain shows up, it is time to reseal your countertop.
Do not be alarmed if you do get a dark stain, as it will fully disappear within 30 minutes.


Sprinkle a few drops of water on your marble surface.
Check to see whether the stone darkens and absorbs the water.
If the water is absorbed in four minutes or less, it needs to be resealed.

Even though sealant has a necessary protective effect, too much sealant will cause your marble surface to look hazy and discolored. This means that if you decide it is time to reseal and go through the process yourself without consulting a trained professional Queen Creek natural stone cleaner, you run the risk of making your marble surface look ten times worse.


This is one of the most important steps in the whole process. If you have chosen to reseal your marble countertop as a DIY project, it is imperative to choose the proper solution. First off, while obvious, it is critical to find a sealant created specifically for marble. Different types of natural stone have different degrees of porosity, which means they require varying mixtures of resins, solvents, and other ingredients. The label must specifically state that it is for marble.

When searching for the right sealer, look for labels that indicate:
Impregnators or penetrating sealers
Fluorocarbon aliphatic resins
Safe to use around food
Typically, these ingredients are much more durable, protective, and long-lasting than sealers that do not contain any of these.

It is also important to be aware of what ingredients to avoid when choosing a sealant as well. Avoid all sealers that contain any of the following:
Linseed oil
Silicon base
All of these will lead to discoloration and deterioration of your marble surface. Again, this is why reputable Mesa natural stone cleaning companies strongly recommend hiring a professional team to reseal your marble surface. They will have all the knowledge necessary for the process and will bring their own safe, proven, and high-quality sealers perfect for your marble. Additionally, professional natural stone sealing companies in San Tan carry insurance to cover their backs if something goes awry with the sealing process, so you will compensation or a whole new marble surface if they mess it up. If you try to do it yourself, you will have none of that insurance and could end up with a giant financial mess.


Lastly, while the process of sealing marble only has a few simple steps, it takes a trained, qualified professional to ensure it is done 100% correctly and thoroughly. There are some finnicky aspects throughout the application process that require extra attention to detail and previous experience to do correctly. If you really want to learn how to seal your marble, hire a professional marble cleaning team and ask them to teach you while they do it. It is better to invest in someone reliable with excellent reviews than to attempt a DIY project on your beautiful marble surface and risk ruining it forever.

Overall, it is in your best interest financially to invest in a reputable and experienced natural stone company to take care of sealing your marble surface. If you apply sealer yourself without any previous knowledge or experience, there is a chance it will turn out well. But there is also a bigger chance that it could ruin your marble, or at the very least, cause it to look hazy and dull. If that happens, you will be putting even more time and money into fixing it, and would have been better off to just hire a reputable marble cleaning company in Mesa in the first place.

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