The Numerous Benefits of Travertine Tile Flooring

Travertine flooring is a highly popular flooring material for numerous reasons. Not only is it timeless, durable, and beautiful, but it comes in a wide range of shades and colors, each one with unique textures. Travertine stone is created from limestone deposited by hot mineral springs, and it is the perfect option for indoor or outdoor flooring. Here we have several reasons travertine should be your #1 choice for your home.

The numerous benefits of travertine tile flooring


Travertine tiles carry a unique beauty and elegance that is unlike any other stone. With its shades of beige, whites, creams, grays, and browns, it is a distinct and exceptional stone that carries a naturally weathered appearance. Travertine tiles date back to the Roman times when it was used in the construction of many great architectural temples and monuments, including the Colosseum. Its classic appeal stands through the ages.


Not only does travertine come in several shades of tan, rust, grey, beige, and more, but you also have a wide selection of finishes to choose from for your flooring. Depending on your desired level of durability, travertine stones can be filled or left unfilled.

You also have a few choices for polishing your San Tan travertine tile floors. If you want a flat, smooth, and shiny look, choose polished travertine. While sleek, this look is unfortunately slippery so it may not be the best choice in an area with a lot of moisture, such as a pool or bathroom. Honed travertine is another option that is widely popular since it is polished flat but not glossy. It is slip-resistant and holds that weathered look, but still appears finished and clean. Lastly, tumbled and brushed travertine provide a very textured look to the floor surface and are not glossy at all. Keep in mind it is critical to have a high quality sealant applied to your tile flooring if you choose honed, tumbled, or brushed travertine. Remember it is from the limestone family, and as such is a very porous surface. The sealant will protect the tiles from stains and damages.


As stated, travertine comes in many colors, shades, and finishes. It can be used to create flooring, countertops, bathrooms, sinks, showers, pools, and more. The fun part with travertine is that different shades and finished can be used throughout the same area, such as a bathroom, without becoming overwhelming and still providing a cohesive look.


Travertine is a very strong stone, and as such it holds up well to daily wear and tear and foot traffic. While its hardness is similar to marble, it can also hold up to extreme temperature fluctuations unlike other stones. This is why travertine is the ideal material for indoor and outdoor areas, because it can hold up well and its durability is like no other. Remember that proper sealing and cleaning is important to help maintain the natural durability of your travertine tiles.


While travertine does require a bit more intensive maintenance and San Tan natural stone cleaning than regular tile flooring, the process used is fairly similar. The two most important aspects of having travertine in your home is applying high-quality sealant and using correct San Tan natural stone cleaners. Using improper cleaning solutions will lead to tile damage and the need for repairs.

Because travertine is a limestone, it has a naturally porous surface and must be swept regularly to avoid debris buildup. It is also very important to wipe up stains right away to avoid them seeping into the stone, and never use acidic or alkaline products. Call your local San Tan travertine contractors to find out more about the cleaning process.


Because of its natural beauty and elegance, travertine gives off the appearance of being an expensive investment. Surprisingly, it is typically more affordable than other luxurious stone flooring such as marble or granite. Given its durability, beauty, and affordability, travertine is a fantastic option for anyone looking to add a natural touch to their home.

At Arizona Stone Care, we are qualified and experienced to clean and maintain your travertine tile floors. We use only high-quality, correct cleaning solutions that will deep clean your floor while maintaining its integrity. We are highly trained to bring dingy, stained travertine tiles back to life, and will gladly teach you the correct cleaning process to use at home. If your travertine stone needs a fresh touch, or you simply have questions about how to clean and maintain it, call our tile technicians today at 480-232-6264!

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