Everything You Need to Know About Your Granite Countertops

Granite is a highly popular material in all types of residences, from celebrity mansions, to conventional everyday homes, to city apartments. People love to install it in kitchens, pools, bathrooms, and showers, and it is easy to see why! Once you begin to understand the basics about granite countertops, you will love it too, and may even want to install some in your own home. The Phoenix natural stone cleaners at Arizona Stone Care have compiled some basic aspects of granite countertops that every homeowner should know. Read ahead to see why this stone material is such an stellar option.
Granite Countertop


One of the most attractive aspects of granite is its hardness and durability. While it is not completely scratch-proof, it is actually rated as a harder surface than marble, but still softer than quartz, topaz, and diamond. While a diamond or a sharp stainless steel blade could certainly scratch your granite, rubbing an abrasive pumice stone across it will not cause any damage. High durability and hardness are critical aspects for a kitchen counter, due to the constant daily wear and tear. With dishes clanking on it, cooking, cutting boards, fruits and veggies, pots and pans…the list goes on and on. Yet, amazingly, granite can stand up to it all with hardly an issue.


Contrary to what you may think, granite is actually a highly porous and absorbent material, so a high-quality seal (and the correct cleaning process thereafter) is an absolutely critical aspect of granite countertop installation. Proper cleaning of your granite countertop is a crucial part of maintaining its smoothness, natural shine, and resilience. Acid-based cleaners such as vinegar, lemon, orange, or bleach-based cleaners (this includes Clorox wipes!) will break down the sealant and cause stains inside the granite. Not to mention if the sealant begins to deteriorate, this will allow grime, dirt, and stains to seep into the granite and completely ruin it. If you are uncertain about which cleaners are granite-safe, any reputable Phoenix natural stone cleaning company will be happy to discuss the topic with you.

Typically, your granite countertop can be easily cleaned with a washcloth, warm water, mild dish soap, and a dry towel. Use the warm, soapy washcloth to wipe up daily spills, dust, or crumbs. Dry it off immediately afterward with the towel to prevent any excess water from leaving streaks. It is also important to wipe up any spills immediately, especially if it is juice, coffee, or oil-based. Any of these could easily leave a stain or begin breaking down the sealant if left to sit.

If you want to disinfect your granite countertop, perhaps after working with raw meat, simply mix equal parts water and rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Thoroughly spray the area, allow it to sit for 2-3 minutes, then wipe off with a washcloth. Not only will this disinfect the area, but it will also help restore the natural shine of your granite.

Lastly, to remove a stubborn stain, make a paste of baking soda and water (for an oil-based stain) or baking soda and hydrogen peroxide (for a water-based stain), apply it to the area, and let it sit covered for several hours. Then, wipe off the paste and clean the area with a warm washcloth and dish soap. This should do the trick and refresh any area suffering from a tenacious stain.


While granite is undoubtedly a very hard material, it is still not completely immune to scratches or etches. Scratches occur when an equally hard or sharp item drags along the surface of your countertop. Utensils such as sharp knives, or even a shard of glass from a broken dish, can scrape and scratch your granite countertop. Etching occurs from an actual chemical reaction when something seeps through the sealant and absorbs into the porous granite.

When scratches occur, they can usually be easily buffed or wiped off with a washcloth and granite polish. Unfortunately, because etches are a much deeper issue, you will likely need to contact a Phoenix natural stone restoration company such as Arizona Stone Care. They will send in a team of professionals to repair the deep stain and restore your granite properly.

As shown, granite is a resilient, beautiful, and durable material for your kitchen countertop. It is fairly simple to maintain and clean, and its longevity is unbeatable. When you are considering granite countertops for your kitchen, consult with Arizona Stone Care. We are an excellent provider of natural stone cleaning, polishing, and restoration services in the Phoenix area. Certified in all types of stone care, our skilled team will provide free estimates and maintenance advice for your granite countertop. Call us today with any granite questions you may have!


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