5 Blunders that Can Damage Your Granite Countertops

Cleaning Tips For Your Natural Stone Countertops

Granite is a popular material for countertops because of its beautiful appearance and its durability. Granite countertops don’t need as much maintenance as other countertops, nor are they as susceptible to the same kinds of damage. You’ll need to buy natural stone cleaners to keep it in top shape, but you won’t need to do much else.

Though granite is a strong material, it is not impervious to damage. Many homeowners inadvertently damage their granite countertops by doing things they don’t realize are bad. Here are five common blunders that you can avoid so that you don’t damage your granite countertops and have to call in the natural stone restoration experts in San Tan Valley:

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Not Cleaning Spills Immediately

Granite resists stains better than some countertop materials, but if any liquid is allowed to soak into the stone, it can stain it – including water. You need to clean up any spills immediately to prevent staining or other discoloration. That’s especially important for dark liquids like wine and fruit juice or for thicker liquids like oil.

If you do get discoloration, you may be able to get it out with one of the natural stone cleaners on the market. But if that doesn’t work, don’t risk damaging your countertops further by scrubbing or using harsh cleaners. Call in natural stone cleaning professionals serving Queen Creek to tackle the job.

Using Acidic Cleaners

You should only use natural stone cleaners on your granite countertops. Using any cleaners that are acidic – such as bleach, vinegar, or even some common household cleaners – can etch the surface of the granite. Etching is a chemical reaction that can be difficult to repair. You also need to be careful with acidic liquids around your granite, including wine, coffee, and soda.

If your granite countertops become etched, you’ll need to call in a natural stone restoration company to repair them. Attempting to correct the problem yourself can make the damage worse.

Dropping Heavy Objects on Them

Granite is quite hard, so you may not think you need to be very careful around your countertops. You can even chop vegetables on your granite countertops without scratching them. However, granite can still crack, such as if you drop a heavy pan on it or pound meat too hard.
Cracks need professionals to repair. Natural stone restoration can transform your countertops and make them look like new again.

Putting Hot Items on Them

Extreme heat can crack granite and discolor it. You may take a pot off the stove and set it down on your counter without thinking about it. The next thing you know, you may have a small crack on the counter, or there may be black spots where the sealant gets burned. The pan may even burn through to the base layer, burning the granite itself.

You won’t be able to fix any of that damage yourself. You’ll need to hire professional natural stone restoration experts in Queen Creek. In some cases, you may even have to replace the countertop.

Standing on Them

You may be tempted to stand on your countertops if you are trying to get to something in a high cabinet or on top of the cabinets. The granite seems so strong that you can’t see how standing on it would be a problem. But if you stand on it in just the right spot, you can crack it.
Keep heavy things – including yourself – off your granite countertops and prolong their life.

Granite countertops can raise the profile of your home and even increase its value. Take care of your granite countertops by using the right natural stone cleaners and keeping damaging items away from them. Call in the professionals for natural stone cleaning or restoration when you need it.

Arizona Stone Care provides natural stone cleaning and restoration for granite countertops in Phoenix. We can restore your countertops and get them looking as good as new, saving you the cost of a replacement. We clean and restore other types of natural stone also, including travertine, marble, limestone, and flagstone. We also offer tile and grout cleaning for your natural stone tile. We serve clients throughout the Phoenix area, and we clean stone inside and outside the home. Call Arizona Stone Care today to schedule a service appointment or a consultation.

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