Mistakes to Avoid When Caring For Your Slate Tile Flooring

Slate is a beautiful addition to any home or business. If you are one of the lucky ones with a slate floor, it is critical to shoulder the responsibility of proper maintenance and Scottsdale natural stone cleaning so that it stays in mint condition for many years. Proper cleaning and maintenance deserve a post all its own, so today we are simply highlighting three big mistakes to avoid if you want to keep your slate flooring beautiful and intact.

Ways to get caring for your slate tile flooring after professional cleaning

Do Not Use Abrasive or Acidic Cleaners

When it comes to  Queen Creek tile and grout cleaning, you should never ever use abrasive or acidic cleaners on your slate floor. Whether you are mopping the whole space or simply spot-cleaning one area, the instructions remain the same: NO abrasive or acidic cleaners. Acidic cleaners, including the ever-popular vinegar and lemon oil solution, will cause a harsh chemical reaction on the slate that will result in etching and scratching. Additionally, the sealant on the slate will begin to deteriorate from the acidity, resulting in moisture absorption and further damage to the floor.

Abrasive cleaners will have the same effect, causing deep, irreversible scratches in your slate tiles. While hiring a Scottsdale natural stone restoration professional could help, once your slate is scratched, it is extremely difficult and sometimes impossible to fix them.

Do Not Drag Anything Across the Floor

Similar to the effect of abrasive cleaners, dragging furniture or other items across your slate floor will cause deep, ugly scratches. It is imperative to have some protective caps with felt pads, or something similar, on the bottoms of your couch feet, chairs, and other furniture that is in the room with slate flooring. If you cannot use pads on your furniture, you will need to completely lift the furniture every single time it moves, which can be extremely inconvenient. While it is worth the effort to preserve your slate floor, do yourself a favor and apply felt pads wherever you possibly can to protect your floor as much as possible.   

Do Not Use the Rotating Brush On the Vacuum Cleaner

While vacuuming is an excellent way to thoroughly clean the dust and grit off your slate tiles, it is imperative to avoid using the rotating brush function while doing so. The bristles will easily scratch the slate, wear it down, and cause unsightly damage. 

Hire a Professional

For those times when your slate flooring needs a good deep clean and restorative touch, hire an expert Queen Creek natural stone cleaner service such as Arizona Stone Care. We have extensive experience with maintenance, cleaning, and restoration of slate flooring, and have all the right tools and solutions to ensure it lasts for years to come. With our excellent history of five-star ratings and reviews, along with affordable prices and commitment to integrity, you can trust the professionals at Arizona Stone Care with even the most unique slate floor. Call us today at (480) 232-6364 to learn more!

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