Top 6 Items You Should Never Place on Your Granite Counters

Granite countertops are a favorite across the board. They are beautiful, versatile, tough, and available in endless patterns and color schemes. However, at Arizona Stone Care, a Cave Creek natural stone restoration service, our experts want you to know that just because granite is tough, it does not mean you can be rough or careless with them. It is important to know that some materials can actually cause them to deteriorate and be ruined. Your favorite Paradise Valley natural stone cleaners at Arizona Stone Care have listed a few steps to take toward protecting your granite countertop and extending its longevity.

Top 6 Items You Should Never Place on Your Granite Counters


Acidic products can cause etching on your granite surface and damage the sealant. These include soft drinks, vinegar, nail polish, certain soaps, some lotions and perfumes, coffee, and more. Once the protective seal is damaged, your granite countertops will stain much more easily, which means you will need a Paradise Valley natural stone restoration company to professionally repair and restore your granite.

Your best option with these types of liquids is to store them in a plastic container or cabinet that will prevent leaks in the event of a spill. Do not store them on your granite countertop, or you will begin to see breakdown and etching as a result.


All types of oil can stain your granite countertop with ugly dark spots. One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is storing their cooking oils on the countertop right next to the stove, since they are used almost daily. Unfortunately, it is common for these cooking oils to slowly leak down the side of the bottle and puddle on the bottom, which will unquestionably stain your granite. If this happens to you, contact your local Queen Creek tile and grout cleaning service to determine how they can help remove the unattractive mark from your countertop at affordable pricing.


Typically, any other liquid (besides acid and oil) that is spilled on your granite countertop needs to be wiped up immediately. Letting water, juice, wine, dish soap, or any other liquid sit on your granite countertop after spilling will either leave a stain, or break down your sealant (allowing stains to occur down the road). These stains range from an unsightly dark spot, to a light-colored hue, depending on what was spilled.

Most Cave Creek natural stone cleaners will tell you that the number one tip offered to homeowners with granite countertops is to immediately wipe up any spills that occur, including water. Keep in mind that even glasses of ice water can cause stains from the condensation that builds up and drips down the side of the glass. Keep coasters handy to use for drinks, and a microfiber rag available to wipe up any spills as soon as they occur.


While granite certainly is a tough, igneous stone that can handle quite a bit of heat, it is not made for long encounters with high heat. This means that while you can set a hot pan down briefly on your granite countertop while in the middle of cooking, excessive exposure to this high heat will weaken the sealant. Remember that weak or damaged sealant invites moisture absorption and debris buildup straight into the granite, causing stains, dullness, and etching. To avoid weakening your sealant with hot pans, either have hot pads readily available to set your pans on, or put them straight in to the sink to cool before washing.

If you unfortunately already have stains from hot pans, contact the natural stone cleaning team serving Paradise Valley at Arizona Stone Care. Deep cleans and natural stone restoration are our specialty, and we can bring your granite back to life by making it look like the day it was installed.


While most homeowners use soap and water to clean their countertops at least once daily, if not multiple times, many do not realize that this can lead to soap accumulation on the granite. Soap accumulation creates a dull, murky look to the countertop, making it look old and unsightly. Remember to use soap in moderation and after using it, wipe it off so it does not leave residue or cause discoloration. Additionally, harsh cleaners will quickly break down the sealant on your granite, causing more stains and dullness.

To combat soap accumulation or damage on your granite countertop, contact your local Queen Creek tile and grout cleaning specialists at Arizona Stone Care. We have a proven process for deep cleaning natural stone, and restoring its true shine and beauty.


While homeowners may think that they do not have to be careful with their sharp knives on granite because it is such a tenacious stone, this is actually wrong thinking. Attempting to chop or cut food directly on the granite will cause all sorts of chips, cuts, and scratches. Additionally, your knives will become dull very quickly, which makes you more prone to getting cut while cooking.

The best choice to avoid scratching your granite and dulling your knives is to use a cutting board. Keep it handy so it is easy to pull out and use. If you have already made the mistake of using sharp knives directly on the granite and have resulting chips, consult with your local Cave Creek natural stone cleaning team. We will take care of any scratches or chips and get your granite looking brand new again in no time!

Overall, while granite is a beautiful, tough stone, it still needs to be cared for appropriately. Remember to wipe up any spills immediately, avoid setting hot pans down on the counter, and protect the edges of your sharp knives. These efforts will have a tremendous positive effect on the longevity of your granite countertop by protecting its sealant and keeping it free from stains.

If you have dullness or etching already on your granite, contact Arizona Stone Care right away for a consultation. Our experts are knowledgeable in all types of natural stone care, cleaning, repairs, and restoration. We are reliable, do high-quality work, and have a proven process for restoring the natural, beautiful look of granite. Call us today to learn more about our services!

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