Can I Use Any Product on My Travertine Floors?

Travertine floors are a beautiful addition to any type of home. As one of the oldest building materials used on the planet, it is strong, durable, and long-lasting. Not only is each piece unique, but it can be found in a variety of earthy tones including beiges, rusts, browns, and tans.

However, according to most Paradise Valley natural stone restoration experts, just because it is durable does not necessarily mean it is invincible. Cleaning travertine floors requires a simple, yet specific process to ensure the job is done well. Read ahead to learn what the knowledgeable Cave Creek natural stone cleaners at Arizona Stone Care have to say about the travertine cleaning process.

Can I Use Any Product on My Travertine Floors

What Exactly is Travertine?

In order to fully understand how to clean travertine, you must first know what it is and how it forms. Travertine is a natural stone, very similar to marble or granite. It is formed in limestone caves and hot springs by condensation, and when it hardens it forms travertine.

While granite and marble go through a process called metamorphosis, where the stones undergo tremendous pressure and heat (thus becoming shiny or sparkly), travertine does not. Its distinct, tiny pores caused by carbon dioxide bubbles during the hardening process are what set it apart from other types of natural stone, and also what make it require a specific Paradise Valley natural stone cleaning process.

Benefits Of Travertine

Every natural stone restoration company in Cave Creek will agree that travertine carries many benefits that far outweigh the small downside of its need for a special cleaning process. These benefits include:

Extreme Durability – It can stand up to heavy, constant foot traffic without showing signs of chips, scratches, or cracks. Over time, it will begin to carry a unique, weathered look from foot traffic, which only adds to its beauty.

Unique – Travertine is very one-of-a-kind. Each stone is slightly different than the next, and lends a unique look to each home. Once the aforementioned weathering effect begins to occur, an even greater level of individuality is added.

Easy to Repair – Though travertine is durable, it will still experience damages at some point throughout its lifetime. The bright side is that cracks and breaks are quite easy to repair – simply remove the specific broken tile and replace it. Thanks to its uniqueness, the new tile will likely blend in smoothly among the others.

Longevity – Often paired with durability, longevity is a prized trait of travertine floors. With proper regular maintenance and care, your travertine floors could last for several decades. If scratches or dullness occur, simply hire a reputable tile and grout cleaning company serving Paradise Valley to professionally deep clean the stone and restore its natural shine.


While your travertine floors are extremely durable and resistant, remember that it contains millions of microscopic pores that render it quite sensitive to various cleaners. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when cleaning travertine:

DO choose a good product: Choose a cleaning product that is sensitive and created specifically for natural stone. The pores in your travertine will easily absorb harsh chemicals, which in turn will cause breakdown, damage, and deterioration. If you are uncertain about what cleaners are safe, check with your local Cave Creek natural stone cleaning experts at Arizona Stone Care.

DO use a pH-neutral cleaner: Natural stones, in general, are best cleaned using a pH-neutral cleaner. This means that although vinegar and lemon are currently touted as the most popular and efficient cleaner, they are much too harsh and acidic for your sensitive travertine. Check with Arizona Stone Care for recommendations, or simply hire our reliable, knowledgeable team to professionally deep clean your floors for you.

DO NOT use dish soap often: Many Cave Creek tile and grout cleaning businesses agree that homeowners often make the mistake of using dish soap to clean their natural stone floors. While not as harsh as many other cleaners, it is still not ideal, and can also leave a residue on your floor.

DO hire a professional: If the thought of potentially harming your beautiful travertine floors is too overwhelming for you, consider using a professional, such as Arizona Stone Care, instead. You can trust our knowledge and expertise in deep cleaning a sensitive, natural stone, and rest assured that we will use the correct tools and products. Any dullness or discoloration on your floor can be easily removed by our experienced team, and your travertine will be restored to its natural, beautiful appearance.

If you are set on cleaning your floors yourself, follow these simple steps in the exact order listed to ensure a truly clean surface.

– Step 1: Remove the Dust and Dirt. Use a broom or microfiber dust mop. This will make the mopping process much easier and more effective.

– Step 2: Prepare Your Mopping Mixture. Combine warm water with your travertine-specific floor cleaner of choice. Warm water is much more effective at removing dust, grease, and other residue. Remember to check with your local Paradise Valley natural stone cleaners to determine which cleaning solution is right for you.

– Step 3: Wring Out Excess Water. By removing the extra water from your mop, you will help ensure that water does not puddle on the travertine. Puddles and excess moisture have greater potential to be absorbed and cause damage within the stone. Experts typically recommend either a spin mop or a spray mop for this job, since both do a fantastic job of avoiding excess water application.

– Step 4: Mop, Then Rinse. After mopping the entire floor, fill up your bucket again with plain cold water and re-mop the floor. This will rinse off any soapy residue or buildup that may have been left on the surface, as well as give it a quick secondary cleaning.

– Step 5: Dry the Floor. Using a soft microfiber cloth or towel to dry the floor will ensure that no standing water is left on the surface. It will also prevent any streaks from forming as the floor fully dries.

Travertine has many positive qualities and makes an incredible floor material for any home. It is durable, unique, and beautiful, but requires a specific cleaning process due to its makeup. Contact Arizona Stone Care if you have any questions about travertine maintenance or cleaning. Our team is highly skilled in natural stone care and restoration, and offer deep cleanings at completely affordable prices. Utilizing a professional to deep clean your travertine will ensure the longevity of your floor, plus you can trust that we will use appropriate tools and suitable cleaners for the stone. To learn more about our natural stone cleaning and restoration services, contact Arizona Stone Care today at (480) 232-6264 to speak with an expert.

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