Color Sealing vs. Clear Sealing: A Complete Guide to Grout Sealing

Sealing your grout can protect it from bacteria, water damage, staining, and other maladies. Your grout also protects your tile, so even if you only seal your grout, you can think of it as a protective measure for your tile.

You should seal your grout when the tile is first installed or when you re-grout your tile. You should then re-seal your grout every year or so to continue protecting your grout and tile. You just need to make sure that you are using the right sealant for your grout and that you have the highest-quality product your money can buy. You need the best protection for your tile.

Though there are many types of sealant you can choose, there are two primary types: Clear or colored. Here’s a breakdown of the differences between the two:

Color Sealing vs. Clear Sealing: A Complete Guide to Grout Sealing

Clear Sealing

Clear grout sealant has no color. It is applied directly to the grout, and it sinks into the grout slightly and hardens just below the surface of the grout. The sealant protects the grout from the typical calamities, such as water, mold, mildew, bacteria, and dirt. You can feel confident that your grout is protected from everyday threats, such as foot traffic, spills, and pooling water.

You don’t need anything more than a simple clear sealant for your tile, but you may decide that you want one.

Color Sealing

Color grout sealant is similar to clear sealant, but as its name suggests, it has a color to it. You get all the same benefits of clear sealant, but the color revives the look of the grout. The color sealant can go right over the grout lines to restore its color while also protecting it. You can even choose a different color to change the overall look of the tile floor.

Both color and clear sealant can last as long as 10 years, and both are affordably priced. You can also apply both yourself with products you can buy from a local store. However, you should still hire a professional around Arizona to do the work since the professionals have access to better quality products and know how to apply it appropriately.

Protecting Your Grout

Maintaining your sealing schedule is not the only thing you can do to protect your grout. You can keep it looking great and maintain its condition by cleaning your tile floors regularly and keeping them free of excess moisture. Put down mats to soak up any splashes, and soak up any spills immediately. Use a light touch when you are mopping, and follow it immediately with drying.

Be sure to use appropriate cleaners on your grout. Bleach and other harsh cleaners can eat into your grout and weaken it. So can using harsh scrubbers, such as wire scrubbers. Keep your floors clean with simple sweeping and mopping, and use a mild cleanser when you need to get up dirt and discoloration.

Keeping your floors clean and your grout looking great doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. You just need to be consistent in your actions, and you need to stay on schedule. Whether you choose clear or colored sealant, you need to continue sealing your tile floors every year or so to provide the maximum protection. Always hire a professional to re-seal your floors or to revive your grout so that you get the best results. You should also hire professional tile floor cleaners in Scottsdale periodically to thoroughly clean the tile and the grout to keep stains from setting in and making sure the floors remain sanitary.

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