Does It Matter What Type of Natural Stone I Put in My Shower?

The Different Types of Natural Stone & How They Might Perform in Your Shower

Natural stone is a great choice for upgrading your home, both inside and out. It is especially popular for upgrading a kitchen or bathroom since it has a luxurious look and has relatively low maintenance. However, not all natural stone has the same properties, and some require more care than others, which leaves many homeowners wondering whether it’s ok to use natural stone for their bathtubs or showers.

Generally speaking, natural stone is a great choice for your shower or tub. However, you’ll want to carefully consider the stone type to be sure that you don’t end up with a disaster on your hands later (and a potentially expensive natural stone restoration bill). Here’s what you need to know about the different types of natural stone and how they might perform in your shower:

Beautiful Marble Shower In Mesa, AZ


Granite is a beautiful natural stone, and it is especially popular in kitchens because of its luxury nature and its durability. It is also a good choice for bathrooms and showers. The stone won’t react to acid, ammonia, or alcohol – some of which can be found in personal cleansing and beauty products that would be used in the shower.

Granite can suffer from long-term and regular exposure to water, but that doesn’t rule it out for use in the shower. You just need to dip seal it to coat all sides of the tile to protect against the water. You should also choose a granite tile that has a slip-resistant finish. Otherwise, the stone can get quite slippery, which would not make it a good choice for the floor of the shower.


Marble is a luxury natural stone, and it can elevate the profile of any space where it is installed. Marble is marked by its characteristic veining, which gives it a unique look. However, the veining and other inclusions are what make the marble vulnerable to water damage. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use marble in your showers – it just means that you need to choose a marble tile that has fewer inclusions and veining.

You should also consider darker marble for your shower. White marble is classic, but the lighter stone is more vulnerable to staining and discoloration. The lighter colored marble has a higher iron content, and that makes it more vulnerable to rusting from exposure to the water. Choose a darker color for your shower or other areas that will be exposed to a lot of water.

Travertine & Limestone

Travertine and limestone are popular for all kinds of home décor applications in the Phoenix area. Their natural color complements the desert landscape, and the stone is durable and flexible in its use. Both travertine and limestone have a slip-resistant surface, which makes them incredibly useful for areas with a lot of water.

Travertine and limestone are more porous than other types of natural stone. You’ll need to choose a travertine or limestone variety that has the lowest water-absorption rate you can find. Your stone supplier can help you in this selection.


Slate and split-stone are popular natural stone options for the shower because they are affordable and beautiful. However, there is great variation in the quality of these stones, and some types will deteriorate and flake with regular exposure to water. Choose a stone with greater resistance to water, and seal it for added protection. Also be sure to choose a stone with a non-slip finish.

Work with a stone supplier to select the right type of natural stone for your project. Then work with natural stone cleaners to keep your stone looking great for many years to come. The bathroom will experience more wear and tear than some other areas where you would have stone tile, so it’s important that you care for it and maintain it properly.

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