A History of Common Phoenix Tile Trends

Tile is such a popular flooring choice in Arizona that it’s hard to remember a time when tile wasn’t everywhere. But tile flooring wasn’t always what it was today. We’ve seen a lot of changes in tile flooring trends over the last 100 years or so.

A History of Common Phoenix Tile Trends

When you’re performing your routine tile and grout cleaning, you might want to think about all the history that has gone into your floors or that has come before them. Here’s a look at the recent history of common Phoenix tile trends:

Turn of the Century

Ceramic tile began to be a popular choice for homes in Arizona around the turn of the 20th century. It was used primarily for bathroom surfaces like floors, tub and shower surrounds, and countertops. The most popular color was white, which is still a popular choice today. White was especially popular for bathrooms because it made the space seem cleaner.

Pastels started to weave their way into the mix over the coming years, and black even started to be used. Black could hide stains and dirt, which would be prevalent in bathrooms where there is a lot of water and mold. Black didn’t come onto the scene until around the 1920s or 30s.


In addition to some other color choices around this time, people started to use other tile shapes. Hexagonal mosaics were very popular, particularly in bungalow-style homes. A popular choice was to have white hexagonal tiles offset with smaller square, black tiles at the corners. This design allowed for the sterile look that white offered while also creating a bit of visual interest. Some homes also had a small trim of black tile around the wall.


Pastel shades may have been on the scene at the turn of the century, but they really had their heyday starting in the 1950s. In fact, you may have purchased a home with holdovers from this time. That pink tub? That light blue tub surround? That was probably installed when the house was constructed.

Pastel colors like pink, blue, yellow, and green made their way into bathrooms and kitchens during this time. These colors were chosen to contrast with all the plain, white that was everywhere. Color options were also used to distinguish homes from one another since track housing – building the same house in row after row – became popular during this time.

During the 1970s, the choice of colors and patterns really exploded. People started exploring ways to express themselves, and some of the choices were a little out there by today’s standards. Loud colors like lime green and orange were popular, even for tile.

The 1980s seemed like a backlash to all the color of the 70s, and black or very dark colors were popular. Having a lot of black tile in your home was a sign of elevated status. Fortunately, this period didn’t last very long.

Colors returned to lighter choices in the next decade, but not to those pastel colors of old. Instead, people started embracing the natural color of the stone and glass that was so popular for tile. This is where we started to see a lot of tan, rust, grey, and similar shades. People weren’t as concerned with making their homes different from their neighbors. They were more concerned with choosing something practical and stylish at the same time.

We continue to see people embracing natural tones and textures in their tile choices across the Phoenix area and throughout Arizona. Larger tiles have also become popular over the past decade or so.

Whatever colors or patterns you choose for the tile in your Arizona home, it is important that you keep it clean to preserve its natural beauty. You should keep up with your own tile floor cleaning, but you should also call in a professional Phoenix floor cleaning company for occasional tile and grout cleaning.

Arizona Stone Care is a trusted floor cleaning company in the Phoenix area, and we offer tile and grout cleaning among other tile restoration services. With professional tile floor cleaning, you can preserve the color in your tile and extend its life. You’ll protect your property’s value and enjoy your home more. Call us in Arizona to get an estimate for tile and grout cleaning or to learn about other restoration services.


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