Restoring Flagstone Tiles: Cleaning & Sealing Tips

Tips To Maintain Your Flagstone In Perfect Condition For a Longer Time

Restoring flagstone tiles can be a great way of bringing this beautiful material back to life. Flagstone is a natural stone, and therefore, it’s not always easy to perfectly restore its texture and color by hand. But with time, effort, and the right tools, you can turn that discolored or rusted surface into something worth showing off.

You may need to contact professional natural stone cleaners in Phoenix to get the best results. But, you can also consider these tips if you want to maintain your flagstone in perfect condition for a longer time.

Tips To Maintain Your Flagstone In Perfect Condition For a Longer Time

Why Is Flagstone So Popular?

Flagstone is a sedimentary rock with quartz and feldspar in its composition. Its peculiar design and colors make it a popular choice among homeowners. You can use it for flooring, accent walls, tiles, patio decor, etc.

Since it has a porous surface, it is prone to erosion and weathering over time, so you must seal it to prevent permanent damage. 

It may be a beautiful stone, but it does require a lot of maintenance and care. Luckily, we can help you with that. 

How To Prevent Flagstone Damage

Flagstone tends to develop water stains over time. This damage can be even more severe if the water contains minerals, or is alkaline. As you can guess, pool decks, patios, and pond walkways are quite susceptible to it. 

You don’t have to replace stained flagstone in most cases, but you may need a professional service. This service usually works with gentle soda blasting, so it may be a bit expensive compared to other services.

Always contact a Gilbert natural stone restoration service to restore your flagstone. Do not do the process on your own. 

Flagstone is generally inexpensive, but keep in mind that it is vulnerable to wear and tear by natural elements.

What Can Damage Flagstone?

Flagstone is susceptible to water damage, erosion from bird feces, and UV rays. Additionally, if you have flagstone flooring on your patio, it may be extremely vulnerable to natural elements. 

Chlorine or salt water can damage your flagstone too, so be aware if you have it near pool decks. 

These are some of the most common damaging elements: 

  • Rain
  • Oil
  • Chlorine
  • Salt water
  • Prolonged Sun Exposure
  • Harsh Cleaners
  • Mildew
  • Bird Feces
  • Pet Waste

Different Types Of Flagstone Damage

Flagstone is used for many things, including gravestones to patios, and walls to pool decks. It may look quite gorgeous in this area, but it is also very vulnerable to spalling, a type of erosion that occurs on natural stone surfaces. Spalling occurs when the stone is overexposed to water. This overexposure erodes the bonding molecules, leading to a weak flagstone that can break into gritty pieces over time.

Other damages include:

  • Chipping
  • Cracking
  • Staining
  • Mildew Growth
  • Efflorescence
  • Discoloration 

To avoid any damage to your flagstone, contact Glendale natural stone cleaning services on time.

Should I Seal Flagstone?

Sealing your flagstone flooring or patio with a top-quality sealant is usually necessary to avoid the worst damage. Professional sealants create a water-proof barrier that allows the flagstone to breathe. These are much better than acrylic sealants because they also prevent discoloration, erosion, and staining. 

Besides, if you have flagstone tile around your pool or hot tub, you need a saltwater-proof sealant to prevent chlorine damage. You cannot use conventional sealants because they won’t prevent erosion or spalling.

Flagstone is very porous, so you should seal it once in a while to prevent damage. Harsh chemicals, water, UV sun rays, and foot traffic can damage your pool early. The best thing you can do to avoid replacing it inopportunely is to seal it with a professional product and professional service, of course.

Schedule An Appointment With A Top-Rated Phoenix Natural Stone Cleaning Service

If your flagstone is showing signs of damage, including staining, you should contact a professional service immediately. Moreover, if it isn’t sealed, you are speeding up expensive repair costs. 

To protect your flagstone tiles, you can schedule a professional cleaning and sealing service with Arizona Stone Care

Our team of expert cleaners, craftsmen, and sealing professionals can improve the look of your flagstone and prolong its life. Besides, we offer numerous services like deep cleaning, sealing, and restoration for different types of natural stones, including limestone, marble, and porcelain. 

Contact us through our website to get a free quote. 

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