The Truth Behind Why You Should Seal Limestone

The Importance Of Sealing Limestone For a Longer Lifespan

Limestone is a rock that has many different uses, including home decor and building walls. It also adds an elegant vibe to landscaping. However, these rocks are susceptible to weather damage, leading to cracks and holes in the surface. In that case, the best you can do is seal it with the right product.

This article will discuss five reasons why it’s best to seal limestone before a Phoenix natural stone restoration begins.

Limestone wall in Arizona

It Extends The Lifespan Of Your Limestone

All stone surfaces should be sealed, especially porous ones like limestone. Sealing is crucial to avoid external particles and liquids from seeping below the stone surface.

If you don’t seal your stone floors and counters, you will have a higher risk of ground-in dirt, dried liquids, and dust. Not to mention that you will have many issues when spilling things in your kitchen because some liquids can stain your stone surface.

Exterior limestone, which is popular on patios and pool decks, can also get damaged by many elements like harsh chemicals and foot traffic Hence the importance of sealing it properly.

The limestone has to be sealed to last as long as possible. Sealers keep the natural appearance of your stone, and they prevent it from getting stained over time. Dirt, water, and other external elements can cause damage within the pores of your limestone, leading to unsightly stains.

Different Limestone Sealants For a Longer Lifespan

Now that you know the importance of sealing limestone, it’s time for you to check the different limestone sealants so you can know which one is the best for you.

With the right sealant, you can delay an Apache Junction natural stone restoration. Therefore, it’s better to consider a sealing process as soon as you install your limestone.

There are different forms and subtypes of limestone sealants, so the decision will depend on what type of limestone you are protecting. Some options are better for bathrooms, while others are better for limestone flooring in patios or pool decks.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular limestone sealants and coatings:

  • Penetrating Limestone Sealants: These sealants go deep below the surface and deposit particles into the stone’s pores. With penetrating sealants, your limestone is resistant to oil, water, and dirt. They are classified as either water-repelling or oil-repelling.
  • Strippable Limestone Coatings: They can be removed from the surface. Their formula includes acrylics, styrene, polyethylene, and other water-based ingredients.
  • Permanent Limestone Coatings: They are more difficult to remove, and are meant to stay on your stone for longer periods. Their formula includes polymers suspended in a solvent, with common ones being epoxy and polyurethane.

Which One Is Better For My Limestone?

Most homeowners struggle with choosing limestone coatings and sealants. Some factors like price and quality influence the decision, but as you can guess, quality should always go first.

It may not be so hard to choose Gilbert natural stone cleaners, but everything changes when it’s time to choose a sealant or coating. In that case, the best is to contact an expert to receive proper guidance.

Generally speaking, coatings are easier to apply and they are more economical. They offer anti-slip features and add a nice finish to the stone. Sadly, you have to reapply coatings often, and they can give an unnatural appearance to limestone over time.

Penetrating sealants may sound like a better option, but they usually require professional application. They are also more expensive and less eco-friendly, but they do not need constant reapplication. They can last many without changing the appearance of your limestone.

Contacting Arizona’s Top-Rated Stone Cleaning & Restoration Company

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