Top 3 Benefits of Saltillo Tile Floors

Saltillo is a gorgeous terra cotta tile that is made in Mexico. The authentic tile is made of clay, and it is unglazed, giving it a beautiful, natural look that is very popular in Arizona with its desert landscape. Yet, despite the popularity of Saltillo tile, there are many misconceptions out there about it. Therefore, it’s important to learn about its many benefits so you understand why it might be a good choice for your Arizona home. You don’t want to limit your options!

Saltillo Tile Floors

Here are the top three benefits of Saltillo tile floors to consider:

Easy Maintenance

Do you have stark white, ceramic tile in your foyer? Probably not. The reason is that you get a lot of foot traffic there and the tile and grout get dirty easily, even when you keep them sealed to protect against staining. Saltillo has a naturally earthen color that easily disguises most dirt and sand that will be tracked in from the Arizona landscape. You won’t have to be as vigilant about sweeping and mopping to keep a beautiful floor that you are proud to show guests.

Saltillo is also a much denser tile, so it does not allow dirt and liquid to easily penetrate. When Saltillo tile is sealed, it is even more resistant to staining and water damage. Saltillo is less likely to scratch than other types of tile, and it is not as prone to bacterial infestation. All you’ll need to do to keep it clean and protected is to sweep and mop it regularly and seal it once a year or so.

Able to Use Outside

You can’t use just any tile outside. Some tile is more prone to damage, and some tile can’t stand the temperature changes that occur. But Saltillo is a great choice for outdoor projects, such as patios, the area around your pool, seating areas, walkways, and more. Saltillo withstands a lot of damage because of its strength and denseness. Those same qualities help it withstand the temperature extremes so common to Arizona, vacillating between triple-digit temperatures in the summer during the day and dropping to near-winter temps in some areas at night.

Saltillo won’t crack as easily, so it can be used for outdoor applications without worry. You can create a beautiful patio or sitting area with Saltillo, or you can use it to line your pool or create walkways.


Saltillo is an eco-friendly product, so when you use it for your home, you can feel good knowing that you are doing the right thing for the environment. The tile is made from clay harvested in Northern Mexico, so it is all-natural. After the clay is formed into tiles, it is left to dry in the sun and then fired in a kiln. The process does not use harsh chemicals or industrial practices that use a lot of natural resources.

You don’t have to seal Saltillo tile, though you can if you prefer a glossy look for your floors. Left unsealed, the tile is better for the environment, consisting only of natural materials. The tile will last for hundreds of years, and it will age beautifully. You can still see many structures in Mexico that have Saltillo floors.

Besides these wonderful benefits, Saltillo is just a naturally beautiful tile with a lot of options for customization. You can get tile that has been painted and colored, textured, or even “stamped” with the footprints of children or animals that have run across it while it was drying. Saltillo has a unique character and a gorgeous look that is ideal for Arizona homes.

If you upgrade to Saltillo tile, know that even though it may be low maintenance, you still need to care for it to protect your investment over the years. Arizona Stone Care can help. We are a top Paradise Valley tile floor cleaning company, and we offer stone cleaning, polishing and restoration for Saltillo and all other types of tiles. We can restore tile to look like new, or we can perform routine cleaning services that will protect it and extend its life. Call us in Arizona to learn more about our services or to schedule your Saltillo tile floor cleaning. We also perform tile and grout cleaning for showers, backsplashes, and counter tops.


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