The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Travertine Tile Floor

Natural stone can elevate your home’s profile – and its value. You can use it anywhere inside or outside your home, thanks to its durability and its appearance. Yet it is often used in tile flooring since it stands up to heavy foot traffic, stains, and other damages so well.

Travertine is one of the most popular natural stone choices thanks to its beautiful look and its affordable cost. Take a look at some of the top advantages and disadvantages of travertine tile to help you decide if it’s right for your flooring:

Travertine Tile Floor Advantages And Disadvantages


Affordable Cost

As mentioned above, travertine tile is one of the most affordable options you have for natural stone tile. Depending on where you buy, you’ll spend about half as much on travertine tile as you would on stones with comparable durability, such as marble. Travertine will last just as long, but you won’t have to pay nearly as much for it.


You can expect travertine tile to last a very long time, which will further bring down your lifetime costs since you won’t have to replace it as frequently as other flooring types. Travertine is not as likely to crack or chip when something is dropped on it or when large objects are moved across the floor on it. (However, travertine is not invincible! You should still take care.) Travertine also has a non-slip texture that makes falls and accidents less likely.

Ease of Installation

Travertine is easy to install because it can be cut easily. Tile installers are able to use tile easily for odd shapes and small spaces. Since the installation is easier, it will go faster and it will cost less money. That continues to bring down the overall cost of travertine tile flooring.

Beautiful Appearance

There’s no denying one of the most obvious benefits to travertine as soon as you look at it: It’s a gorgeous stone. Travertine has a natural weathered look that is both timeless and elegant. Depending on how you use it in your décor, it can also contribute to a rustic vibe. Travertine naturally comes in a wide variety of colors, giving you flexibility in your decorating.



Typically, stone tile is easier to maintain than other flooring types because it is not as delicate. Travertine poses some challenges because it is more porous than other types of stone. All those small nooks and crannies can collect dirt and can make it easier for the tile to wear down over time. You will have to be vigilant in sealing the tile and in cleaning up spills when they happen. Otherwise, you risk damage to the stone or serious stains that will be difficult if not impossible to remove.

Limits on Cleaners

You can’t just dump a bottle of bleach on your travertine tile if it gets stained. Bleach and any other harsh cleaners can etch and discolor the tile, causing more problems than the stain. You should avoid vinegar, ammonia, and cleansers that contain citrus. Stick to plain water and a mild soap when you are cleaning the stone. If you have tough stains, call a stone floor cleaning company in Scottsdale.

Overall, there are far more advantages to travertine tile than there are disadvantages, but you need to know all the information to determine if the stone is right for your tile floor. You’ll enjoy a beautiful look with travertine at a great price, and you can install it anywhere in your home. Consider adding travertine tile to your home to create a more sophisticated look and to enjoy durable flooring.

If you already have travertine or other stone in your home, Arizona Stone Care can help you keep it looking beautiful and prolong its lifespan. Our Scottsdale stone floor cleaning experts can clean your floors and lift out tough stains, restoring the beauty of the original stone. We can clean your tile floors, or we can perform stone countertop cleaning, stone shower cleaning, and more. Don’t damage your stone by attempting to clean it yourself, and don’t waste money on unnecessary replacement. Call us in Scottsdale today to schedule stone restoration and cleaning to make your floors or other stone surfaces dazzle again.


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