5 Tips to Keep Your Marble Floors Looking Like New

Marble is an elegant stone that can make your Arizona home or business look more luxurious. With marble floors, your property will appear more sophisticated, which will raise its value. If you have marble floors near Phoenix in your business, you will also make a better impression on customers, which can encourage them to buy.

But if you don’t keep your marble floors clean, your property will look worse for it. Prolonged neglect can even lead to damage of the floors. You need to keep up with the maintenance yourself, including occasional professional PHX marble floor cleaning.

5 Tips to Keep Your Marble Floors Looking Like New

Here are five tips to keep your marble floors looking like new:

Clean Spills Right Away

You already know about the devastating staining power of red wine, so you are probably fast to grab a towel and soak it up if you have a spill. But you should be just as quick to clean up other spills on your marble floor if you want to prevent staining. Even clear liquids can attract dirt and bind them to the surface. Water can also penetrate the surface, making the way for dirt to get inside. Clean up spills as soon as they happen with a rag and appropriate cleaner to keep your floors sparkling clean.

Dust and Sweep Regularly

Dirt and dust can accumulate on your marble floors, which can eventually lead to staining and dulling of the floors. One of the easiest things you can do to protect your floors is to dust and sweep them regularly. Use a Swiffer mop to dry duster to do a quick cleanup, or use a broom when there are larger particles on the floor. Dust or sweep every day, if needed. With the Arizona landscape, you likely get a lot of sand and fine gravel on the floors, so everyday maintenance is likely needed.

Use Soft Sponges and Cloths

When you do need to clean your marble floors, it’s important that you use only a soft cloth or soft sponge to do so. Using harsh cloths can scratch the floors or wear down the surface. Use the softer materials when cleaning up spills or when doing regular mopping. You’ll keep the floors free of dirt and give them a nice shine.

Maintain the Sealer

Sealer will keep dirt and stains out of your marble floors and grout. But it doesn’t last forever. It has to be reapplied periodically to remain effective. You should re-seal the marble floors once a year or so. Consult with a professional about the right maintenance schedule, and hire a tile and grout cleaning company to perform the sealing. You’ll get the right sealer and be sure that it has been applied appropriately for maximum protection.

Polish the Floors

Polishing the marble will give it a beautiful shine that will make it look amazing. Just be sure that you are using the appropriate product for the marble or you risk scratching the stone. But your best option is to hire a professional to polish the floors to ensure that the job is done correctly and that you get the best results.

Protect the Floor with Accent Rugs

Marble is such a beautiful stone that you want to see as much of it as you can on your floors. But you also need to protect the marble to keep it looking nice, so that means covering it strategically with accent rugs. Use area rugs, mats, and runners to create decorative accents and to protect portions of the floors. You’ll cut down on the maintenance you have to do, and you’ll prevent staining in those areas.

Get Professional Floor Cleaning

Despite your best efforts to maintain your marble floors, they may start to become dull or discolored from regular wear and tear over the years. When that happens, you should call the professionals for tile floor cleaning. Marble floor cleaning experts can transform your floors, lifting out years of staining and making the floors sparkle again.

Your marble floors are an important investment for your property. Make sure you take care of them properly so they last longer and make your property more enjoyable.

Arizona Stone Care offers tile and grout cleaning that will make your marble floors look beautiful and sparkling. We perform stone cleaning, polishing, and sealing, ensuring that your floors are clean and protected. Our PHX marble floor cleaning will extend the life of your stone and keep your property looking its best. We also offer PHX tile floor cleaning for all other types of stone. Call us in Arizona today to get an estimate for your tile and grout cleaning.


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