Common Travertine Stains: How to Identify Them

travertine stainsTravertine is a type if limestone that is used in buildings and houses across [city]. It is a well liked and preferred option to other stones because of its ability to last long and also because of how it adds a touch of pleasant aesthetics to any space. This is one of the reasons why it isn’t uncommon to see travertine being used in patios, walkways, and building entrances all over [city].

However, like many other stones used in [city], travertine also needs proper maintenance and cleaning in order to retain its quality and appearance. Due to a high level of porosity and absorption, travertine can get easily damaged by spills.

Common stains found in travertine and how to identify them

Whether you use travertine for your home or business location in [city], there are some standard liquids and other material that affect them. To know if your travertine needs cleaning, you must also be able to identify these stains. Here is a list of common travertine stains and how to identify them:

  • Organic: Organic stains are caused by organic substances. These include substances such as coffee, juice, urine, bird droppings etc. Such stains can be identified by a brownish or pinkish spots that appear on the travertine.
  • Oil or Grease: As the name suggests, these stains are caused by oil, grease, tar, and basically any substance that is oil based. These stains are indicated by dark spots on the travertine.
  • Water: Even water, especially hard water, can cause the travertine to lose its original appearance. Water stains can be identified by a white chalky appearance. Another water related staining known as ‘Efflorescence’ can also ruin travertine. This occurs when minerals within the travertine get transported to the surface due to water accumulation, leaving behind similar white colored chalky stains after the water has evaporated.

Other causes of travertine staining include paint, ink, washing chemicals etc. this can be solved only by calling in a professional travertine cleaning service in [city].

What travertine cleaning services in [city] can do for you

Professional travertine cleaning services in [city] are experienced when it comes to dealing with travertine. They know what materials need to be used and how a particular stain can be removed. They can also carry out travertine polishing to restore the original appearance and travertine sealing to prevent staining in the future.

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