What is Travertine and How is it Cleaned in Arizona?

travertine cleaningTravertine is a type of sedimentary limestone that is formed as a result of chemical precipitation. It is mostly made up of calcite, which is essentially 99 percent of the entire composition. The texture of travertine is spongy owing to the mixing of organic matter and carbon dioxide emissions, which play a key role in its formation.

Travertine is used in many locations across Arizona, because of the many advantages it has to offer. However, like all stones, travertine can only be beneficial if it is taken care of in the proper way. Among the most basic and essential one is travertine cleaning.

Why does travertine need cleaning?

Travertine is fairly porous, which means it absorbs dirt and stains. It is also not highly resistant to acids, so chemicals or liquids containing acid can ruin travertine in the long run. Some of the most common travertine stains include organic stains, oil-based stains, water spots and so on.

How is travertine cleaned in Arizona?

Though travertine can be cleaned, it requires a professional touch to get rid of the more harsher stains. There are plenty of professional travertine cleaning services in Arizona that can take care of it. Generally, a professional travertine cleaning service would make use of a poultice to remove stains. The poultice is made using an absorbent material such as fuller’s earth or kaolin and combined with a mixture of chemicals. The poultice is then applied over the affected area for a period of 24 to 48 hours. The poultice absorbs the stain during this period. In some cases, the poultice maybe reapplied to remove stubborn stains.

The type of poultice used also depends on the stain. For instance, acid stains cannot be removed using poultices containing fuller’s earth, as the acidic reaction will render the poultice ineffective. Fortunately, professional travertine cleaning services in Arizona know exactly which materials are needed to clean specific stains.

Travertine cleaning services in Arizona

If you notice that your travertine flooring has stains, then get in touch with a reliable travertine cleaning service in Arizona. These professionals have the knowledge and experience to deal with any kind of travertine staining. Using the right equipment and cleaning agents, they can make your travertine look as good as brand new. A professional service can also help you with travertine polishing and travertine sealing.

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