Honed vs. Polished: Which Marble is Better in Arizona?

types of marbleWhen it comes to luxury, there are very few stones that can rival marble. That’s why a lot of buildings and houses in Arizona choose marble for their interiors. Marble also offers a variety of benefits, apart from its regal appearance. For starters, it’s relatively easier to clean and is also fairly resistant to stains and other kinds of damage. However, when it comes to choosing the right texture and finish, there are two primary varieties. Given below is an explanation of these two varieties to help you make the right decision. Read on to find out.

Honed marble

Marble Honing involves removing the polish on a marble stone to create a matte like finish. The matte finish allows the marble to develop better slip resistance and also makes etches or scratches less noticeable. This is one of the main reasons why honed marble is used in several high traffic buildings across Arizona. Because it has high slip resistance, it is also a preferred option for bathrooms, foyers, and other high moisture areas.

Nevertheless, there are also disadvantages to honed marble. The matte finish makes it more susceptible to stain absorption, which means regular marble cleaning and marble sealing will be required.

Polished marble

Most marble users in Arizona consider polished marble to be the better of the two, at least in terms of appearance. Polished marble looks glossier and smoother, lending a touch of sophistication to any interior. The polish also acts as a protective layer against stains and spills, which also means that you won’t need marble sealing often.
However, polished marble offers lower slip resistance and stains, in the long run, become more obvious. Since the stains are very noticeable, you will require regular marble cleaning. The low slip resistance on the other hand, make polished marble a bad option for high moisture areas such as bathrooms or foyers. Polished marble is best suited for low traffic areas, walls, fireplaces etc.

Marble maintenance in Arizona

Both honed and polished marble have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, at the end of the day, it ultimately boils down to your individual requirements. Talking to a marble maintenance service in Arizona can give you a better idea about what kind of marble texture to choose. A marble maintenance service can also provide you details on the various aspects of marble maintenance such as marble cleaning and marble sealing.

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